Mr. Bucknuts accosts Coach Tressel

Coach Tressel came to speak at a rotarian luncheon today in Miamisburg, and Mr. Bucknuts was there to shoot some questions at him.



Sure, it's been about 15 hours since Signing Day ended and everyone is back to normal, right? Well, at Bucknuts, we don't do "normal" very well. So, we decided we would go right to the source and see what Coach Tressel had to say about yesterday's events.


When I brought up that there were only "289 days until Michigan" (always a great icebreaker…), he said that his wife told him the real number to focus on was "190." I asked him, what does "190" signify? "She said that I had gone off to work in the morning 190 straight days!"


Well, on Day 190, we asked about the rumors concerning new commitments and also how he felt about the class that was solidified yesterday. His comments:


About Evans Desir: "This is a kid who has been calling the past couple of years. The first time he "committed," he tried to get in touch with "Coach Collins," the recruiting coordinator. When we said there was no Coach Collins, he asked for the tight ends coach. That should tell you our level of interest there."


About Louis Holmes: "We are allowed to talk about the kids we are interested in and I will tell you that we will probably not sign any more kids in this class. Does that answer that question?"


About losing recruits from Ohio: "If we could only take 12 kids from Ohio, these would be the 12 kids we wanted. So I am not upset with any recruit that we didn't get."


About the recruiting process: "It was in four phases for us this year. Phase I was bringing back Michael Jenkins, Darrion Scott and Will Smith. Those are the best recruits in this class. Phase II was to get Donte Whitner and Ashton Youboty, and then see them enroll early. They are extraordinary kids. Phase III was to get the best kids in Ohio and we did pretty well there. And Phase IV was to get the best kids we could from out-of-state; and we ended up with Youboty and Ira Guilford, who we are really happy with…"


About Guilford playing two ways: "It's funny – because of Chris Gamble, we have all these recruits who say they want to play two ways. Ira is one of them. The only negative comments I've gotten on two-way playing came from Chris's mom, who asked why he has to play so much!"


About the "corn rows" promise: "I said I will do it. I just don't want to tell you when. I doubt that even Bucknuts will find out, but we don't ever want to sell you guys short. I've been getting a lot of coaching on how to do corn rows right!"


About keeping the coaching staff together: "Andy Geiger approached me the day after the Michigan game and asked what it would take to keep the staff together. We know that coaches have ambitions but, right now, this staff loves what it's doing and I don't see any problems."


About the media intensity on recruiting: "We talk a lot to our team about the 1942 team and the great group of guys who went on to accomplish so much after their playing days ended. Back then, a story might be reported four days or more after it happened! Now, thanks to the internet, we get reports so fast that there is a danger of over-coverage. Think about it: It used to take four days to get the news, now you can read on Bucknuts, that day, things that aren't even going to happen!


About Bucknuts taking that last shot: "We love Bucknuts anyway! Hey – the kids really thrive with the critiquing and analysis. You guys do a good job…"


Before Coach Tressel could change his mind, I slunk off back into the netherworld to our intergalactic headquarters. We have recruiting to cover for the Class of 2004, after all! And there is only 289 days until Michigan…


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