Does Harley Figure Into Buckeyes' Plans?

Indianapolis Warren Central defensive tackle Kris Harley is establishing himself as one of the top prospects in the 2011 Indiana class. Harley already holds three offers and is hearing from most of the top programs in the Midwest, including Ohio State and Notre Dame. Bill Greene checked in with Harley to get the latest on this young star.

Indiana is producing more great high school football players than people are realizing, and Indianapolis Warren Central junior defensive tackle Kris Harley is one of the top prospects in the state's junior class.

Harley, 6-2 and 265 pounds, has had an amazing season in 2009 and his team is one win away from a state title.

"Things are going great for us this year and we're hoping to win a state title this year," Harley said. "I've had a good season from a personal standpoint and it seems like I'm getting double-teamed every game. I'm a lot faster than I was last year and I know the game so much better. Mentally, I have the mind set that I will not be blocked."

As one of the top prospects in the Indiana junior class, Harley is drawing a lot of recruiting attention.

"I have offers from Iowa, Stanford and Virginia Tech," he stated. "I'm also hearing from Ohio State, Mississippi, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Alabama and Virginia. I do real well in the classroom and I think that is really helping me receive this attention. My parents have always stressed doing well academically and it's something I take very seriously."

Harley knows he can better as a football player and plans to start training for his senior season immediately after his current season concludes.

"I plan on getting into the weight room the Monday after our final game," he admitted. "I know I have a lot of work to do to become the player I can be. I also run track in the spring, so I will be working out continually over the next year. I want to get better and I know hard work is the only way to get that done."

Harley has taken a few unofficial visits in 2009 to try to learn about each individual school that is recruiting him.

"I was at Ohio State earlier for the game against Navy," he said. "I thought that atmosphere was unbelievable and I think a lot of Ohio State. The Ohio State stadium was awesome and I think they're one of the top programs in the country. I also went to Indiana when they played Ohio State. I saw Notre Dame play USC and that was a great experience. Notre Dame is just a great school and I loved it there. I could see myself playing there and really enjoying it."

Harley also attended the Ohio State senior advanced camp and had a great showing by all accounts.

"It was great being able to get to know the Ohio State coaches better at camp," he admitted. "I like [defensive coordinator] Coach [Jim] Heacock a lot and I learned a lot in his drills. He showed me a lot of personal attention and he made me go first in every drill. 'Doc' Tressel has been in contact with my coach and they have received my film recently. I could see myself playing in that defense and doing really well."

He is also quite interested in each of the schools that have extended scholarship offers.

"Stanford is at the top of the charts academically and it's an honor to receive a scholarship from them," he stressed. "Iowa is a great program and they've had a good year so far. Coach {Kirk] Ferentz is a great coach and I think a lot of them. Virginia Tech is a real favorite of mine and I've been there a few times. I was at their camp last summer and I went to a game there last year, and I felt right at home. It reminded me of Warren Central and it seemed like a place where I would fit in real well.

"If I had to name my favorites right now it would be Ohio State and Virginia Tech, but it's still real early for me," Harley said. "I'm going to be taking a closer look at schools after my season ends. I have no set timetable for making a decision. Basically, I'm interested in any school that's interested in me."

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