Professionally Speaking Roundup

With the Ohio State football regular season coming to a close, we bring back coverage of what some of the Buckeyes now plying their trades for pay are up to across the nation.

When the Ohio State football team has things cranked up, there is nearly too much information for us to pack into a week of news at, but with the Buckeyes having wrapped up the regular season, we thought it time to bring back our updates on what the former Buckeyes in the professional ranks have been up to.

That means you can keep track of news as it comes out on our Ask the Insiders message board thread where you can find things posted as we discover them and even add your own links if you find something you want to share before we do.

We will also bring you roundups with some analysis on the Professionally Speaking Blog and from time to time post roundups (in case you miss anything) to the front page of

Today we bring you a trio of notes, starting with a plethora of updates from our return post, including Antonio Smith finding a new home and tidbits about Brian Robiskie, Troy Smith, Todd Boeckman and more. We also have news from Thanksgiving Day and a look back at how the Buckeyes who went to work on turkey day performed.

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