Reed Excited By Ohio State Offer

Columbus Marion-Franklin senior quarterback Verlon Reed received a scholarship offer from Ohio State on Sunday afternoon. Reed, who visited Toledo officially this past weekend, will take an official visit to Ohio State next weekend. Bill Greene spoke with Reed and filed this report.

Columbus Marion-Franklin senior quarterback Verlon Reed has been offered a scholarship by Ohio State. Reed met with Ohio State assistant coach Taver Johnson at the school last Thursday, and the Buckeyes followed up with an offer within three days.

"Yes, I was offered by Ohio State today [Sunday]," Reed admitted. "Coach [Taver] Johnson met with me at school last week and laid out Ohio State's plans for possibly offering me. Today my coach called me and told me that Ohio State had offered. I heard from [assistant coach] Paul Haynes later on that I definitely have the offer, and they are recruiting me as a quarterback."

"Getting the offer was very exciting to me," he stated. "They want me to come in for an official visit next week, and I will do that. The following week I will be visiting Bowling Green. I was at Ohio State for the USC game earlier this year and loved every minute of it."

Reed holds several scholarship offers, and had just returned from an official visit to Toledo when he was told about the Ohio State offer.

"I had a great visit to Toledo today, and I'm definitely interested in playing there," he said. "They are recruiting me strictly as a quarterback. I like the head coach, Tim Beckman, and I like the offense they run up there. I would call that visit a ten."

Reed says that there is no chance he will commit to Ohio State, or anyone else, before he takes all five official visits.

"I have told all the coaches that I'm not going to be making a quick decision," Reed stessed. "I want to wait until I take all my visits, then I'm going to weigh all my options and see what school is best for me. My last two visits will probably be to schools that are out of state, but I need to think about that a little further."

The issue of playing quarterback is important to Reed, but he is not opposed to switching to another position should things not work out at quarterback.

"I just want to be given a chance to play quarterback," Reed said. "That's all I'm asking for, just an opportunity. I have enough confidence in my talent, and I know how hard I work, that I feel I can play quarterback at any level. If things do not work out for me as a quarterback, I would have no problem switching to wide receiver. Ohio State promised me I would start out as a quarterback if I were to go there, and that's fine with me. I'm not worried about the depth chart at any school because I'm not afraid to compete with anyone."

He has a definite idea of what he's looking for in a school and hinted the relationships with the coaches would play a huge part in his final decision.

"In the end it's going to come down to the school itself," Reed admitted. "Not so much the reputation, but the coaching staff I feel the most comfortable with that can make me the best player I can be. I want to be around coaches that can have fun, but also demand that I become the best player I can be. I want to be in a position where I can be a contributor to a winning program and be around people that are driven to succeed. That can happen at a number of different schools and I plan on finding the school that best fits my needs."

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