John Kerr Update

The latest on the fine Indiana middle linebacker who intends to transfer.

I spoke with John Kerr, the Indiana linebacker (by way of St. Ignatius) this afternoon and found him to be very thoughtful and articulate. He laughed when he said to me, "It's really good to talk some football. Everyone at Indiana wants to talk hoops!"

Originally, John set February 13 as his announcement date as to where he was going to transfer. Rumors ran hot that he was going to Notre Dame (since he could get a scholarship there…) over OSU (where he would have to pay his own way…). John said that since he could not get a release from Coach DiNardo and Indiana University, he was not yet legally able to announce his intentions for next year, although he sounded pretty certain that he had made up his mind. John was still exploring ways to expedite the process but he had no firm date in mind other than the end of the semester.

I asked if he would consider going to a school where he would have to pay his own way and he replied, "Yes, I would." I asked how he felt about the Big Ten and he said, "The Big Ten plays the best football in the country and I would love to be part of the Big Ten…" He says that he gets great counsel from his father and his father tells him just to be patient for the time being.

So we will all have to be patient here. Oh, one more thing: John told his father that Coach Tressel would win a national championship within 3-5 years of getting to OSU. He was impressed at what Tressel was able to do in his second year. He brought that up. Me? I will just wait for an actual announcement along with everyone else!

This is a great kid. Somebody will be very fortunate to have John Kerr playing on his football team.

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