Ohio State All-Decade Defense

Selecting the best and worst of the decade as it comes to an end seems to be all the rage, so there was no way BSB's Marcus Hartman was going to be left out. He starts today with his all-decade defense.

As you might expect with 31 Ohio State defensive players being drafted from 2001 through this past April, there is no shortage of qualified choices for a Buckeye all-decade defense.

Nine Buckeye defenders were first-round NFL draft picks in the decade, beginning with Nate Clements and Ryan Pickett in 2001 and concluding with Malcolm Jenkins earlier this year, but I'm looking at college production only, here so not all of those players made the first team.

A group including fan favorites Mike Doss and Will Smith from the early part of the decade to less-appreciated contributors such as Dustin Fox and Mike Kudla in the middle years and big stars such as Jenkins and James Laurinaitis at the end earned plenty earned consideration, but to see who made the cut, check out the newest post in the Cus Words Blog.

Check back tomorrow for the the all-decade offense.

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