Late December Recruiting Update To Bank On

Ohio State now has 15 verbal commitments for the 2010 recruiting class, and all indications are the Buckeyes should be able to fit seven more players into the mix. Who eventually finds their way into the class? Bill Greene takes a look in this edition of the Recruiting Update to Bank on.

Ohio State now shows 15 commitments for the 2010 recruiting class, with the addition of Carlos Hyde. Assuming all the current commits make it academically, who is going to round out this class?

For discussion purposes, the candidates have been listed as either PLAN-A, or PLAN-B, mostly depending upon whether they hold an offer, or not.

PLAN-A: Everyone listed here is someone Ohio State would take in this class without question. These are the main prospects to fill the remaining seven spots.

Christian Bryant: I've had him in the final number for a year and there's no reason to feel differently at this point. RATING: Buckeye.

Johnathan Hankins: By all accounts, this one looks good for the Buckeyes and a commit should be occurring before the end of 2009. A position of need for Ohio State, and nice recruiting win over Florida and Michigan. RATING: Likely a Buckeye.

Latwan Anderson: This one is certainly not the recruiting lock that his Glenville teammate is, but I think the Buckeyes will get his fax on National Signing Day. RATING: Probably a Buckeye.

Sharrif Floyd: Floyd represents Ohio State's co-top target left on the board (with Seantrel Henderson), and landing this defensive tackle would be huge for the Buckeyes. All reports have Ohio State leading the way, and in great position to sign Floyd. RATING: Probably a Buckeye.

Seantrel Henderson: After speaking with Henderson's father, Sean, I feel the Buckeyes are sitting pretty and have as good a chance as any school in the country to land Seantrel. The coaching situations at Notre Dame and Florida certainly won't help their chances. RATING: Possibly a Buckeye.

Matt James: Matt James does not do interviews on his recruitment, for the most part. When he does speak it is in guarded terms, and he is very tough to read. I think Ohio State is right there with Notre Dame and Cincinnati, and has as good a shot at James as the other two. RATING: Possibly a Buckeye.

Jordan Hicks: Hicks was very close to Charlie Strong at Florida, before Strong bolted for the Louisville head coaching job. I now see Texas as the favorite to land Hicks, with Ohio State on the outside looking in. Hicks committing to Texas would possibly open the door for someone on the PLAN-B list. RATING: Doubtful.

PLAN-B: There will only be room for any of these players if someone on the PLAN-A list goes elsewhere. Ohio State could also pass on everyone on this list and save the scholarships for 2011.

Dominique Brown: I believe Ohio State wants very much to have this former Cincinnati commit in this recruiting class. Brown does not hold an offer, and there are rumblings about grade issues. The key indicator is seeing if the Buckeyes bring him in on an official visit, and if the visit does occur, look for an offer to be extended. I see Brown in this class, assuming grades are in order. RATING: Probably a Buckeye (if he is extended an offer).

Bradley Roby: Roby has an offer, but is currently committed to Vanderbilt. Would Ohio State take his commitment today, without question? I have no way to know, but I think the Buckeyes WOULD take him today and accept his verbal. They saw him in camp and liked what they saw. RATING: Not optimistic at this point.

Erick Howard: Howard is probably the wild card in the 2010 recruiting class, because he was given a set of academic conditions he needed to meet to receive an offer. How long would the Buckeyes wait for Howard? Would Howard be able to follow the Fork Union path to Ohio State? RATING: Doubtful.

Jerry Gates: Not at all optimistic on Gates finding his way into the 2010 Ohio State recruiting class. Film was requested and received, and to date there has been no invitation to visit officially. RATING: Doubtful.

Rashad Frazier: Gates' teammate at Middletown, and falls under the same circumstances as his friend. Wait to see if an official visit is extended, and until that happens there's no need for optimism. RATING: Doubtful.

Eric Franklin: Franklin had an impressive showing throughout the state tournament, but to this date Ohio State has not expressed interest. Franklin would be the perfect example of a PLAN-B recruit, and only would get a call if the Buckeyes lost out on James and Henderson. RATING: Doubtful.

Skyler Schofner: It's simply a rite of passage that Schofner MUST be listed on all of my recruiting reports. Schofner is committed to Michigan State and probably ruined his chances with Ohio State by not attending camp, but he is good enough to play for the Buckeyes. Florida is interested and has called Schofner to see if he has interest. RATING: Doubtful, but keep an eye out until the Spartans receive his fax on Signing Day. RATING: Doubtful.

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