Follow Signing Day With BSB

Stay up-to-the-minute on all the latest signing day news on the Ask The Insiders message board here at We're updating the signings as they come in and posting nuggets, news and opinion as the day shakes out across Ohio and the nation. Also be sure to stay tuned as BSB travels the state and ends the day talking with head coach Jim Tressel.

Follow this link to the Ask The Insiders message board, where is following all the Ohio State signing day news. Up-to-the-minute signing information as well as news, nuggets and opinion will be posted as the day goes on.

Also be sure to stay tuned to the front page here at as we circle the state checking in on a number of prospects signing their letters this morning. We'll also have a full recap of Jim Tressel's press conference and news from Cincinnati St. Xavier and St. Paul Cretin-Derham Hall throughout the day.

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