Bucknuts Radio Notes

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Here are some highlights:

Anthony Schlegel:

  • Anthony will have three years to play two at OSU.  2003 will be his redshirt year and then he'll have his final two years after that.
  • Anthony says right now his bench press is around 395 or 400.  He can squat 600 plus. He's going to be doing more power and speed work. 
  • Anthony said that he thinks he accomplished everything he could have ever dreamed of at Air Force, but OSU brings more exposure and will make it easier to reach his goals.
  • If all else fails, he wants to be a high school football coach.  "I like giving back to kids," he said.

Cliff Reynolds:

  • Right now Cliff is at 6-3 and a little under 230.  His fastest 40 was 4.43 over the summer last year, timed electronically. 
  • This spring, he'll be balancing three things as he'll be a full-time student, will have football and will also have to finish up additional duty in the Marine Corps.
  • He feels he will be able to step in and contribute even though he will have to shake some rust off although not as much as people think.  During a day, he will run five miles in the morning, run some sprints in the middle of the day, and will then work out after his day is through for about 3 hours.
  • Cliff is also into the martial arts and is an instructor as well.

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