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Hello Fans,

Remember we have a chat with Cliff Reynolds today at 2 pm EST... hope you can stop by.  Instructions are posted on the front page.  Here are some more notes and announcements:

Mailing List Still Not Working - If you have been with us a while, you know that this update is the type of thing we'd always send out over e-mail, but it is still not working.  Like I said earlier, it's a case of us saying it's not working and the service provider claiming there's nothing wrong with it.  Maybe I can persuade you all to send them an e-mail saying "Yes, there is something wrong with it!" :-)  We'll keep working on it though and see what we can come up with.

Junior Day this Saturday - Mr. Bucknuts found out today that Huber Heights Wayne star LB Marcus Freeman will be attending Junior Day this Saturday in Columbus.  We are trying to gather a list, but just from the thread that was posted on the Club Message Board, we have OL Ben Person, OL Brandon Braxton, QB Brian Hoyer, OL Chase Clowser, OL Steve Rehring, TE Diyral Briggs, DB Brandon Underwood, RB Jimmy Calhoun, and OL Steve Rehring.  There will definitely be more than that, and we will have to see if any offers or news come on that day.

Conditions are right - Lots of people are expecting the 2004 signing class to be a big one.  Reasons for why that have been cited in the past include OSU's national championship, a better-than-average group of Ohio prospects, and possibly enough scholarships for a full class. It's looking like you can add one more reason to the list -- character.

One big reason why the 2002 signing class was special was because it was filled with character.  The players OSU signed were strong academically and character-wise.  That's not to say that this isn't the case this year, because it is.  As we know though, strong character on a team is a big key in winning championships, and it looks like this will be the case this year.  All the players we've talked to so far have been polite and great to talk to, and the last two I've talked to -- Jackie Bates and Brian Hoyer -- thanked me for calling, which I think is the first time that's happened since Lydell Ross.  So that's just another reason to get excited about this recruiting year.

This year's invader? - Every year, it seems like a new school or two enters into the Buckeye state and tries to hit the state hard recruiting-wise.  This year, early signs point towards Colorado as being a team that is going after these Ohio players pretty hard.  Brian Hoyer agreed when I said that it seems like Colorado is everywhere.  Granted, it's early, but I can't remember Colorado's name coming up this much when talking to recruits.

Recruiting updates will keep coming - Scouting the juniors, getting recruiting updates and getting the upcoming OFS in order are the primary things we've been working on lately, and we hope to have more news coming as much as we can.  Players are starting to emerge in the Buckeye state, and we're learning more about out-of-state players, so we should have a good handle on things pretty quickly.  Who says there's a dry time between signing day and spring football?

Misc. - There was a Angelo Chattams and Will Allen sighting at the Akron St. V-St. M/Kettering Alter game Sunday, so Buckeye players are curious as well. Two things boggled my mind about the game -- one was everyone on TV referring to it as "the LeBron James game" (when did you ever hear something like that?  The Michael Jordan game or the Tiger Woods tournament?), and two was just how many people came out in some of the worst weather the area has seen in years just to see basically one player... You have probably seen mention of ESPN Game Day coming to Columbus for the spring game.  Hey, why not?  I think it's pretty neat and keeps people talking about college football on a national basis. 

Well, time to get to work on some more recruiting updates.  Go Bucks!


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