Intangibles Key For Ohio State Defense

Intangibles perhaps more than talent made the 2009 Ohio State defense one of the best in the nation and of the Jim Tressel era. The newest Cus Words Blog post discusses the difficulty of replacing players such as Kurt Coleman and Thaddeus Gibson in 2010.

Finding talented players to fill holes in the starting lineup is rarely a problem at Ohio State, particularly on defense during the Jim Tressel era.

Strong defensive numbers are often a given, too, but not all recent Ohio State stop units have truly been of the quality the numbers would suggest.

The 2009 edition of the Silver Bullets certainly did live up to its press clippings and gaudy statistics, though, and that can mostly be attributed to the intangibles brought by a handful of players who have moved on.

Replacing unique playmakers such as Kurt Coleman, Thaddeus Gibson and Austin Spitler is the topic in this post in the Cus Words Blog.

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