Ohio State Practice Notebook: Offense

Ohio State has reached the halfway point of spring practice and this notebook report was compiled after observing practice on Friday and Saturday. First off, we will take a look at the offense, from watching both live scrimmaging and drills. Bill Greene has the latest on the offense.

Ohio State practiced Friday and Saturday, and this is a notebook compiled from those reports. A majority of the wide receiver-defensive back evaluations was formed after watching one-on-one drills inside the WHAC, and live scrimmaging.

Terrelle Pryor: Pryor is clearly better at every facet of playing the quarterback position, but especially throwing to the backs out of the backfield. Balls were thrown out in front, leading the receivers, and were chest high and thrown with touch. He still throws the deep ball well, but his accuracy on throws to the tight ends and the backs was near-perfect.

Joe Bauserman: Bauserman should be able to hold onto his backup spot throughout the spring, but will face a challenge from Kenny Guiton in the fall. Bauserman has the strongest arm of any of the quarterbacks, but accuracy and touch are lacking.

Jaamal Berry: Caught the ball well, blocked adequately and ran with a purpose, in the most extensive action he's had this spring. On the downside, he did put the ball on the ground a few times, and that's the surest ticket to the Buckeye doghouse. He needs to continue to get reps with Brandon Saine and Carlos Hyde out with injuries.

Jordan Hall: He's getting better all the time, and he definitely has gotten stronger. Hall catches the ball well and can run between the tackles, as well as being able to get outside. The Hall-Berry battle for the #3 spot will be fun to watch in the fall.

Dan Herron: Boom is one of the most consistent, solid players on this team, and while he might not get as many touches in 2010, it's evident how much the coaches value his effort. He made his mark early in his career by taking every rep, at every practice, while Chris Wells angered teammates by rarely completing a practice because of various ailments. Boom is still the same way today, and is one of the high-effort players on this team.

Evan Blankenship: Spent a lot of time with defensive line coach Jim Heacock in Friday's drills before practice. Heacock had him working as a nose guard, going against Mike Brewster, and Blankenship was receiving a lot of coaching from Heacock. Something to watch for in the future for Blankenship.

Grant Schwartz: Caught a 70-yard touchdown pass earlier in the week, and supposedly was one of the stars of practice on Thursday. On Friday, Schwartz stood out in the one-on-one drills, and in the live period. He finally seems to have grasped the wide receiver position and should be in line for playing time as a senior. He is in a battle with Chris Fields, who also looked good, to grab the #4 spot, behind Taurien Washington, who has not stood out.

Chris Fields: Fields has apparently distanced himself from James Jackson, and is getting reps with the two's, while Jackson is bothered by an injury. Next fall, it should be Schwartz and Fields battling for playing time behind Devier Posey, Dane Sanzenbacher, Duron Carter and Taurian Washington. He is getting better with every practice, and his confidence is growing.

Mike Adams: Adams looks to be in great shape, and worked with the starters on both Friday and Saturday. He seems to be stronger, and fully recovered from an injury-plagued 2009. He easily handled Solomon Thomas in the live scrimmage on Friday, and also fared well against Nathan Williams.

Andy Miller: Miller got some time with the starters on Friday at left tackle, and performed well. He is a battler that will definitely be in the mix for playing time in 2010, and is highly thought of by the coaching staff.

Mike Brewster: Finally healthy and it shows, especially in coming off the football with explosion. Brewster was very good in 2009. With 100% health, he has a chance to be great in 2010.

Jake Stoneburner: It might be the long hair, but Stoneburner has clearly turned himself into a pass catching threat at tight end. Pryor is looking for him often, and Jake catches everything he can reach. I hate to predict a lot of catches for an Ohio State tight end, but Stoney is ready to shine in 2010, and can help open up the offense tremendously. Caught a lot of balls in the middle on Friday.

Devier Posey: Posey is the one underclassman on this team that I believe will be ready to leave early for the NFL draft, should he choose to do so. He has built up his upper body, while keeping his speed and smooth route-running ability. He is probably the most impressive football player for Ohio State on the offensive side of the football. Posey had a lot of 'wins' going against the defensive backs in one-on-one drills.

Dane Sanzenbacher: Had a great day Friday, both in drills and in live scrimmaging. Caught a lot of passes from Pryor, several as the first option, and he is getting open frequently. He could set himself up as a late-round draft pick with a strong season in 2010. In the past, Sanzenbacher has been solid, but he has a chance to take the next step because he seems much improved.

Justin Boren: Certainly not going to win any "best-body" awards, not that cares about that, because he's a pure football player. He works his tail off in practice, and always goes 120 MPH. He probably will not be voted captain, after coming to Ohio State as a transfer, but make no mistake, Boren is a leader. Physically he doesn't stand out, as his strength is in execution, but he's an excellent player.

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