Coach Jeff Bayuk on Shaun Lane

Hubbard's Shaun Lane is the first commitment to OSU this year. A while back, we caught up with Coach Jeff Bayuk to talk about him.

Junior tailback and defensive back Shaun Lane of Hubbard High School has made quite an impression both on and off the football field.

"He is a special athlete who is able to do a lot of different things," said Hubbard head coach Jeff Bayuk.  "Shaun is also a good student, a really good person, and a quiet leader who leads by example.

Coach Bayuk describes Shaun Lane as an elusive player in the open field offensively and agressive in his hitting defensively.  This aggressiveness can be attributed to Shaun's strength.  He weighs in at about 170 lbs but benches a massive 280 lbs.  Shaun's speed has also been a factor in his success on the football field.

When asked what Shaun could improve upon to excel at the college level, Coach Bayuk said, "The college level is one thing.  To play at the level he would have to play at Ohio State, of course, everybody always has to work on speed."

However, Coach Bayuk is quick to note Shaun's explosion.  Shaun went to the State Finals last year in the long jump in his first year with the team.  This has helped his explosion and elusiveness on the football field.  As far as becoming a standout at the next level, Coach Bayuk said, "Shaun has athletic ability, he just needs to refine some of his skills.

Off the field, Shaun is "polite, courteous, and responsible in school for what he needs to accomplish," according to his coach.  In addition to his responsibilities as a star football player and bright student, Shaun also works a part-time job.

Welcome to the Buckeyes Shaun!

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