After going to Jr. Day at Ohio State. OhioPrepScene speaks with one of Ohio's less heard of Offensive Linemen. But keep an eye out for this one. He has the body style colleges look for and the grades to go along with it.

At 6-7 and 281 lbs.  Chauncey Incarnato is just one of many top high school linemen in the state of Ohio this year.  In what is sure to be one of the deepest postions in the state this year, many of these young men could get passed over in talking about recruiting.  But be sure, colleges are taking notice.

This past Saturday Ohio State held its Jr. day during the home basketball game against Purdue.  One of the young men invited was Chauncey Incarnato of Dover High School.  OhioPrepScene had the chance to speak with Chauncey about his visit to Ohio State and recruiting so far.

OHPS:  How was your visit to Ohio State?

Chauncey:  It was great! 

OHPS:  What coaches did you speak with?

Chauncey:  I spoke to Coach Bill Conley and the o-line coaches.  Plus the Asst. strength coach.

OHPS:  What did you think about Ohio State?

Chauncey:  Wow!  Its a top notch program.  And the stadium and campus are very impressive.  Plus the weight program is just great.

OHPS:  How was the game?

Chauncey:  I had to leave early, and didn't get to see the game.

OHPS:  What are you looking for in a school?

Chauncey:  Education.  I plan on having a major in Physical Therapy with a minor in Business and Finance.

OHPS:  Do you have a favorite at this time?

Chauncey:  I would have to say Ohio State is my favorite.  But I have been hearing from Pittsburgh, Ohio and Ohio State so far.

OHPS:  Are there any schools you hope to hear from?

Chauncey:  Yes, I would love to hear from Michigan, Penn State and Notre Dame.

OHPS:  What area do you feel you need to work on?

Chauncey:  I need to work on my speed, and keep getting stronger.

OHPS:  You have some very impressive numbers from the weight room.  How long have you been lifting weights?

Chauncey:  I have been lifting since the 3rd. grade, before playing Pee Wee football.  And during my freshman year I got very serious in the weight room.

OHPS:  What else will go into your decision of picking a school?

Chauncey:  I would like to stay close to home.  This way my family and friends can see me play, and I could come home when I have some free time.

OHPS:  Do you play any other sports?

Chauncey:  Yes.  This winter I was in wrestling and this spring I will compete in the shot and discus during track season.  I also will run the 100 or 200 when the coach lets me.

OHPS:  Are you looking to give an early verbal?

Chauncey:  If the right school would offer, I would give an early verbal.

OHPS:  What camps have you been to in the past?

Chauncey:  I was at Ohio State last summer.  ( 2nd. session) I also went to Kent State.

OHPS:  What camps are you looking at this summer?

Chauncey:  At this time I would say Pittsburgh, Notre Dame and Michigan.  

OHPS:  What would you like to play in college?

Chauncey:  I love playing defense, but I will play what postion the coaches want me to play.

OHPS:  Chauncey thank you for taking the time and speaking about your Ohio State visit.  Please keep us informed during your recruiting.

Chauncey:  Your welcome. 

****In speaking with Chauncey, I found a young man who has a strong work ethic.  He puts his studies first and football second.  I feel that during the next few months you will be hearing more about Chauncey and many of the states offensive linemen.  This class could well be the deepest in along time.  Early counts show as many as 30-40 very good offensive linemen in the state.  This number could rise even more.  Time will only tell.  We will have to wait and see how many of the young men do at camps and during next season.****** 



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