Commitment Breakdown: Brennen Beyer

Plymouth (Mich.) defensive end Brennen Beyer committed to Michigan yesterday. We look back through his recruitment up to now, break down his game and see how he fits in at Michigan.

Brennen Beyer
Defensive End/Outside Linebacker
Plymouth (Mich.) - 6'3, 215-lbs

His Recruitment Story:
We get a ton of tapes at Scout, and because of the volume, it takes some time to watch all of them. I let Brennen's sit for a little bit, but when I finally watched it, I knew I was looking at a major D1 player. I called Carl Lowe, Plymouth's JV coach and their varsity recruiting manager for more information.

"He started as a sophomore as an offensive lineman," Lowe explained to me, "He's just so strong. He cannot be jammed at the line and he frustrates the guys he goes up against because of that. He's benching 350-lbs right now."

As of that article, published on January 25th, Beyer had no offers, but he had attended games at Cincinnati, Northern Illinois, Central Michigan and Michigan State. He did, at that time, mention his childhood affinity for Michigan.

"I grew up watching Michigan football and I would love to play for the University of Michigan," He said.

That same week, the Wolverines became his first scholarship offer.

"It felt amazing," he admitted. "It felt really good. It happened really fast. It took me by surprise. I didn't expect it to happen this fast."

Offers would follow from the likes of Notre Dame, Syracuse, Michigan State, UCLA, Texas Tech, Northwestern, Stanford, and others.

He visited several of those schools, including Notre Dame, who I believe was the other school under serious consideration. In the end, I believe the lifelong fanhood of not only Beyer, but his entire family (his parents honeymoon was a Michigan Rose Bowl game) could not be overcome.

"My family is all huge Michigan fans, my parents, my grandpa, so they were just as thrilled as me and real excited [about the offer]. My uncle is a crazy Michigan fan. He knows everything and watches them all the time. At first, he wanted to make sure I wasn't kdding. He was extremely happy and pretty much freaked out. He said 'I can't believe it and good job.' My friends all thought it was pretty sweet too."

Beyer plays tight end and defensive end for Plymouth. I believe he has great potential on offense too, but the Wolverines have made it clear that he is a defensive player first.

On defense, he gets off the ball well, is aggressive, but also disciplined. He attacks plays, but also does a good job staying under control and keeping contain. He shows good closing speed on the tape.

I've had many questions sent to me about his speed. He's listed at a wide range of speeds, from 4.50, which he ran at a recent combine, to 5.07. All I can say is how fast he plays, which is in between those two, but I would have estimated him at 4.7. Ultimately, what matters is, I've seen him run down ball carriers and on offense, he shows that he is a good athlete who can run.

As for the concerns, the first would be size. He's about 210-215 right now. That said, he is a basketball player and prospects often have trouble keeping the weight on during basketball. Having seen him in person, the kid is well put together. He should not have a problem adding weight.

At Michigan, he'll probably be a quick, so a hybrid DE-OLB, similar to what Craig Roh was doing last year. I think he'll be able to adjust to dropping into coverage quickly, because of his offensive skills, even though his high school does not have him drop at all. I'd like to see him keep getting stronger, and work on his tackling technique, as he does do some drag down tackling.

Overall, I think he's a great fit for Michigan's defense. He offers the kind of dual-threat combination of pass rushing and athleticism to be effective in coverage, that is required of that hybrid spot. The key for him will be adding the weight and strength, which I think he will do after his senior basketball season ends. How soon he plays at Michigan, will likely come down to how quickly he can get up into the 230-240 range.

Junior Highlights:
Offense (TE #7) -
Offense (TE #7) -
Defense (DE #7) -
Defense (DE #7) -

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