OSU Recruiting: 11 In....11 To Go

As the summer camp circuit is about to begin it's worth noting that Ohio State is exactly at the halfway point, in their attempt to land a top-rated class, one that should number 22 members. Will summer camp lead to more offers for 2011 prospects, or merely give the Buckeye staff a headstart on recruiting the 2012 class? Bill Greene takes another look at Ohio State's 2011 recruiting class.

In years past, the Ohio State summer camp's provided opportunities for prospects to prove their worth, and land a Buckeye offer. Names like Taylor Graham, Bradley Roby and Verlon Reed impressed the Ohio State staff last summer, and eventually landed offers.

Is there a chance there could be a repeat of players earning offers with a strong camp performance, or is this year pretty cut and dried, with not much chance of someone grabbing an offer with a strong camp performance?

With 11 commitments in the fold, and Ohio State probably settling with 22 members of the 2011 recruiting class, there probably won't be any camp offers, but there are a few with a chance.

Which top prospects will round out the 2011 Ohio State recruiting class, and who will grab spots 12-22?

12- Ron Tanner: Columbus Eastmoor. Tanner will take a few summer visits, including Arizona, but I see a mid-summer commitment to Ohio State, the school he is most familiar with. Tanner will fill the role of a hard-hitting safety with coverage ability, something Ohio State is in need of.

13- Braxton Miller: Huber Heights Wayne. Lot of chatter that Miller will commit to Ohio State in the next week, and that could very well happen. I do see Miller committing to Ohio State within the next three months, certainly before his senior season begins. There have been rumors of a Notre Dame visit, but it hasn't taken place, and might not have any effect on his final choice anyway.

14- Nick Vannett: Westerville Central. Lot of negative chatter regarding Vannett, but I still see him at Ohio State, although Virginia Tech could be the main threat. Ohio State has told all tight end candidates they are looking to take two, and I see Vannett following Jeff Heuerman as the second.

15- Andre Sturdivant: Cleveland Glenville. Sturdivant could end up playing several positions in college, depending upon how big he gets, but I see him signing with Ohio State on Signing Day in 2011. He claims a verbal offer from assistant coach Taver Johnson, which is good enough for me.

16- Shane Wynn: Cleveland Glenville. Not much chatter about Wynn, but I see him as yet another Glenville player that signs with Ohio State. Wynn takes the slot receiver spot, leaving Ohio State still looking for an outside wide receiver.

17- Aundrey Walker: Cleveland Glenville. Probably not going to happen until after five official visits filled with drama, but Walker will sign with Ohio State on Signing Day in 2011. Walker's father passed away a few years ago, and he wants his family to be able to see him play college football, so it makes sense that it will be Ohio State.

18- Doran Grant: Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary. Grant will take a long summer tour, and possibly a few officials in the fall, but in the end he signs with Ohio State. Grant is the lock-down, cover cornerback this class needs, and a player that will play early in college. The departures of Devon Torrence and Chimdi Chekwa provide Grant the opportunity to get on the field from the first practice.

19- Trey DePriest: Springfield. In the end, I do not see DePriest heading off to Alabama or Florida, but staying close to home to play before his pro-Buckeye family. He is also close friends with Braxton Miller, and that doesn't hurt Ohio State's chances either. This would end linebacker recruiting, in all likelihood.

Who's left on the board to fill the final three spots?

If you go by position groups, there is still a need for a wide receiver, a defensive back, and a defensive lineman. Or will Ohio State break the mold, and go after a player they simply cannot refuse to add?


Evan Spencer: Vernon Hills (ILL). This is one player that has been looked at as a Buckeye lock for a long time, and he may still end up at Ohio State. It seems that Notre Dame is a real player for Spencer, but Ohio State cannot afford to wait long for him. I could see Ohio State pushing for a decision, or looking elsewhere. OUTLOOK: If Spencer is going to be in this class he will probably need to be a solid commit before too much longer, in order to give Ohio State time to grab another wide receiver.

Phil Dorsett: St. Thomas (FLA). Dorsett is one of four receivers holding a Buckeye offer. Should Spencer commit soon, what would Ohio State do with Dorsett? Or would they take both? OUTLOOK: Dorsett and his father will visit Ohio State in a few weeks, and they have talked of taking an official visit for the Miami game.

Ja'Juan Story: Nature Coast (FLA). Story is another player planning a summer visit, but he has offers from the Big Three in Florida, so he would be considered an extremely tough pull for Ohio State. OUTLOOK: Story would almost have to commit on his summer visit, or soon after, to be in this class. Hard to see Ohio State chasing him well into the fall.

Devin Smith: Massillon. This might be the only 2011 recruit that has the opportunity to win an offer with a great camp performance, and that is a major reach. Smith has a great offer list, but is ranked behind other wide receivers in Ohio State's eyes. OUTLOOK: First off, he must absolutely blow up in camp, then hope for all the other wide receiver prospects to head elsewhere. Slim chance, but you never know.

DeAnthony Arnett: Saginaw (MI). Arnett was asked to raise his test score, and come to camp to earn an offer, neither of which he feels he needs to do, especially number two. His school has him qualified by NCAA requirements, although he might be taking the ACT again. OUTLOOK: Prospects with offers from the country don't go to camps, looking to earn offers. This one is probably dead.


Jabari Gorman: Miami Pace. Gorman is a player Ohio State wants in the worst way, and they are well positioned to land this youngster who compares to Malcolm Jenkins, coming out of high school. Gorman will visit officially for the Miami game, and that trip will tell the tale in his recruitment. OUTLOOK: Ohio State has a great shot to land Gorman, only needing to beat out Miami for his services.

Wayne Lyons: Ft. Lauderdale Dillard. Lyons won't be deciding until late fall, possibly early winter, and Ohio State could be filled by then. They will not hold a spot for him, but he is a desired recruit. Should Gorman commit to Ohio State soon after his official visit, things could be over with Lyons. OUTLOOK: No guarantee of an official visit, and I'm not real optimistic on Wayne Lyons ending up in Columbus.

Michael Caputo: West Allegheny (PA). Caputo is still hanging around, and there is talk of a summer visit. He is viewed as a Tyler Moeller-type player, and could play defensive back or linebacker in the Buckeye defensive scheme. OUTLOOK: Not sure what to think of his chances, and would need to see another visit to Columbus before getting too excited.

Dondi Kirby: Gateway (PA). Kirby is blowing up in the Midwest, following several impressive camp performances, and is from an extremely pro-Buckeye high school. He seems to be very depth-chart conscious, and that could send him elsewhere. OUTLOOK: To see Kirby in this class, he would probably have to commit soon, to beat others to the altar.


Joel Hale: Center Grove (IND). Hale would probably seem the most likely to be in the final number, based on proximity to home, and comfort level with Ohio State. He has visited twice, and things seem in order for him to be a Buckeye. OUTLOOK: Will probably have to beat other defensive line prospects to commit, but there aren't a lot of candidates, and Hale could be deciding before summer's end. I believe the chances are good that Hale is a Buckeye on Signing Day of 2011.

Kevin McReynolds: Washington D.C. St. John's. McReynolds has offers from everyone, and plans on taking official visits in the fall. Will Ohio State be in a position to allow him to go through the process, or will they be filled? OUTLOOK: I don't see a summer commitment, and Ohio State could be filled before he's ready to decide.

OTHERS: If there's room, who else could find their way into the 2011 recruiting class?

Conner Crowell: North Point (MD). Had a great spring game visit, and Ohio State has followed up by visiting him at the school recently. OUTLOOK: In the end, I do not see Crowell ending up in this class, but it certainly would not shock me at all.

James Vaughters: Tucker (GA). Says all the right things and has Ohio State in his final number, but I don't see him selecting the Buckeyes. OUTLOOK: I see Vaughters committing to Stanford in a few weeks.

Ryan Shazier: Plantation (FLA). Teammate of Jeremy Cash, and loves Ohio State, Luke Fickell in particular. Shazier is extremely close to his family, and I see him staying within driving distance, so his parents can see him play. OUTLOOK: Ohio State loses Shazier to the Gators.

Ejuan Price: Woodland Hills (PA). He DOES have a written offer, and he is being recruited actively by Ohio State. Another depth-chart conscious prospect that might not see the field at Ohio State for a while. OUTLOOK: Hard to see Price in the final number, but it wouldn't shock me at all.

Angelo Mangiro: Roxbury (NJ). I don't see Mangiro ending up at Ohio State, although signing him next February wouldn't exactly be a shock either. Is there room, assuming Walker comes to Ohio State? OUTLOOK: Probably headed to Rutgers, but Ohio State is still recruiting him.

Cardale Jones: Cleveland Glenville. I believe that sound you hear is the Fat Lady singing in the background, because this opera is over. Ohio State has placed all their quarterback eggs in Braxton Miller's basket, and that shuts out Jones. OUTLOOK: Not happening, boys and girls.

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