Tanner's Mom Discusses OSU Commitment

Ohio State received its 17th commitment for the 2011 recruiting class last Friday, when Ron Tanner pledged to the Buckeyes. In a ceremony at Columbus Eastmoor Academy, Tanner gave much credit to his parents, Ron and Kim Tanner (pictured), for their tremendous support. Kim Tanner took the time to speak to Bill Greene about her son's decision.

Ohio State added the 17th member to the 2011 recruiting class last Friday, when Columbus Eastmoor Academy safety Ron Tanner pledged to Jim Tressel and the Buckeyes.

Tanner, 6-foot-1, 190-pounds, made his announcement at the school, and gave much credit and many thanks to his parents, Ron and Kim Tanner, for their love and support.

Following the ceremony, Kim Tanner was gracious enough to take the time to discuss her son's decision to commit to Ohio State.

"As a mom, this is such a great day, not only for Ron, but for our entire family," Kim Tanner said of her son's decision. "He has dreamed of being a Buckeye for years, and we have a homecoming program from when he was a youngster just starting out in football. In the program it stated he was Columbus Eastmoor bound, Ohio State bound and Cleveland Browns bound. That's just how he has always seen his career evolving. As parents, we couldn't be prouder."

Mrs. Tanner also took the time to discuss the recruiting process, more specifically, her role in the process.

"My role was to be the secretary in all of this," she stated. "I opened up all the mail, read everything, and followed up on returning phone calls and filling out forms. I made sure he called the people he needed to respond to. It started out slow, but then it became very intense, with people bombarding him from every angle. I managed the phone calls as best I could."

Although Ohio State was always seen as the prohibitive favorite to land her son, Kim Tanner stressed it wasn't exactly a slam-dunk for the Buckeyes.

"It wasn't just Ohio State only in this process," she explained. "At the beginning, they hadn't offered, but we still went to all the games. We never lost faith that Ohio State would offer, and once they did, things did change. We felt he owed it to himself to check out all his options, and we encouraged him to do that."

"A lot of schools recruit differently, and we're still getting letters and calls," she said. "This week we heard from Alabama, Arkansas and LSU, and we were wondering about why so late to get involved? These days, it seems kids want to decide early, so they can concentrate on their senior seasons, so we appreciated the way Ohio State went about their business. We don't expect other schools to stop trying, just because he's given a commitment, but his decision is final."

She also took the time to discuss her feelings on the Ohio State coaching staff, and head coach Jim Tressel, in particular.

"I just think he's such a wonderful man, and we all respect him so much," she stated. "I have read his book, and I've read a lot about Coach Tressel. We want Ron to be around a Godly man as his head coach, and that is Jim Tressel. These are all men that will guide him in the right direction, and the best thing about Ohio State is that they stress their doors are always open. They always encourage us to call with any questions or problems."

"We've also gotten to know (assistant coach) Paul Haynes very well, and we think the world of him," Mrs. Tanner said. "He is a good man, and that means a lot to us, because we are a Christian family. Coach Haynes is also a no-nonsense type of coach, and we want that for Ron. If he has to holler at Ron, it's because he wants to get more out of him. I want him to be pushed and encouraged to get better."

As someone who has been actively involved in the recruiting process, Kim Tanner offered some advice for others who are about to become involved with their own children.

"I would stress to make sure your child is strong academically, and that has to be number one," she exclaimed. "That makes everything else go so much easier. If you have your academics in order, and your child has athletic skills, there are so many possibilities out there. You have to take an active role in your child's recruitment, and there is plenty of help available on-line."

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