Q&A with Miles Williams

Ohio has a very good crop of WR talent this year, and one of the reasons is Austintown-Fitch star Miles Williams. Williams is an outstanding talent and one of the top 20 overall players in the state. He is already receiving some impresive scholarship offers as well as plenty of interest from the big-time programs. We have a Q&A with him today.

Describe your game.
"I'm a big physical, but fast and quick player, that can also go up and get the ball."

What is your current height, weight and 40-time?
"I'm about 6'3, and I just weighed myself today, and I was 193."

Have you played different positions?
Yeah, besides receiver I played wing back, running back, fullback, safety, and corner."

What position would you like to play in college?
"Wide Receiver"

Do you have any favorites right now?
"Yeah, Ohio State had always been my favorite, but UCLA, Penn State, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Boston College, and West Virginia are all up there too."

What schools have been contacting you the most?
"Nebraska, West Virginia, Pitt, Illinois, Penn State, Iowa and Indiana have been contacting me a lot."

Do you have any offers or has someone said they would offer?
"Yeah, Nebraska, West Virginia, and Pitt have offered."

What camps did you go to last year and which ones would you like to go to this year?
"I went to Pitt's camp last year, and I'm going to go to the Nike Camp April 27 at Penn State, and I want to go to Ohio State's Senior camp."

Have you been to any campuses so far?
"Yeah, I've been to Pitt, West Virginia, Penn State, and I've been to Ohio State's while I was down there for a track meet."

What are some schools that aren't contacting you that you'd like to hear from?
"USC, Oregon, and Florida."

What will be the most important criteria for you in choosing a school?
"Coaching Staff, Academics, and the best place fits me as a person, not just a football player."

What are some of the things you like to do away from football, such as hobbies or activities in school?
"Hang out with friends, play video games, and talking on the phone."

Do you have a favorite NFL player? If so, who?
"Michael Irvin was, but to date, it has to be Terrell Owens."

When do you think you might decide?
"I hope Ohio State or another school that I'm high on offers, because I want to decide before the season."

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