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The new issue of OFS is slated to be mailed soon, and we are giving out the top players early to club subscribers. We will take you through Duane Long's rankings of the top 15 players as well as his analysis, finishing today with players 5-1.

1. Ted Ginn 6-1 165 DB Cleveland Glenville

Ted Ginn is the complete package at corner. He has size, speed, and gets after it. He has the feet and hips that every school in the country will be looking for in a corner.

Last year, Cleveland Glenville had perhaps the top cornerback prospect in America in the outstanding Donte Whitner. Ginn will be compared to Whitner, and while Whitner had better pure speed and is a hitter like few defensive backs that I have seen on the high school level, Ginn is the better prospect. He has better size and is a better pure athlete. He has great speed (self-reported 4.29 top 40 time), and his long arms will help greatly against the bigger receivers we are seeing in college football. He also has superior ball skills. He gets off the ground better, which will give him a better chance in the air playing the ball. He is going to fill out to 200 lbs or better. Ginn is also showing some fine quarterback skills as well.

Ginn, who is undecided as far as a major goes, would like to enter a field that has something to do with helping kids and sport management. He's a sure national top 100 player, and I would not be surprised to see Glenville head coach Ted Ginn, Sr. once again have the nations #1 rated cornerback prospect.

2. Fred Davis 6-4 210 ATH Toledo Rogers

Davis is the most explosive player in this class. He can change a game with one touch or with one hit. In 2002, he had over 1,000 yards rushing and over 500 receiving with 25 touchdowns. He became a top 100 player nationally after an impressive junior year and followed that up with an MVP performance at the national junior combine in Texas.

Fred, a very personable young man, is already being highly pursued by some of the nation's top programs. He has been offered by Ohio State, Texas, Penn State, Purdue, and Pittsburgh as of press time, and Michigan, Colorado, Miami, Nebraska, Iowa, Maryland and Oregon are all in touch. Fred likes the Buckeyes, Longhorns and Panthers as his top three, and he plans on attending Ohio State camp this year as well as a Nike camp.

Davis has run a 4.52 forty and ran a 4.6 at the combine, but that was with shoes that were not his, and they were a size too big. The forty at the combine was electronically timed, which makes it that much more impressive. Fred has also clocked in at 14.1 in the high hurdles. He's getting his grades in order (the only real chink in his armor), but there is little doubt that this is one of the very best prospects in Ohio this year.

3. Delbert Ferguson 6-2 215 TB Warren Harding

I was watching Delbert Ferguson's junior tape, and it was proof of why college coaches want to see the latest tapes and as much tape as possible. As a sophomore, I saw a superb outside runner that showed tremendous acceleration and outside speed.

His junior tape shows a back that has become an inside runner; one who takes on defenders and is not brought down by one tackler and often carries them until they get help. It shows a back who always falls forward, a back who shows great balance, and a back who is showing how driven he is to be the best. He has taken steps toward becoming a truly great back.

Now the work to make him a finished product will have a great deal to do with off-the-field matters. He will have to become stronger. With the passing bent of today's offenses, a back must show he can catch the ball, and Delbert needs to work on his hands. He needs to learn how to read the game better, and he needs to be even better conditioned. The most important thing is Delbert knows all this, and it does not faze him. He sees it as just another challenge and one, I think, he will pass with flying colors.

As a junior, Delbert gained 1,717 yards in an offense that was not running back friendly while having only one game with more than 20 carries. Iowa had already offered a scholarship as of press time. He's a franchise player, a top three player in Ohio and a sure national top 100 player.

4. Marcus Freeman 6-2 232 LB Huber Heights Wayne

I have been hearing about Marcus Freeman since his freshman year. One opposing coach at the time said Freeman was in his backfield more than his quarterback was. This is one of those players there is a great fuss about because he is both a great athlete and a great player. He has speed, instincts, motor, is massively strong, and couldn't be tougher. This is not generally known, but he played a good deal of his junior year with a separated shoulder.

He can play inside or out, but I would put him outside. He just has that uncanny ability to avoid blockers and make plays. He comes out of that mold of former New York Giants LB Carl Banks or former Illinois LB Kevin Hardy, who went about being great players without making a lot of noise. He is not the guy who ends up on Sports Center, but his coach, his teammates and people who know football know who the star of the game is.

Marcus is showing interest in Florida, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Penn State, and Michigan and Ohio State are among the schools that have already offered scholarships. He's a sure national top 100 player.

5. Chad Hoobler 6-4 220 LB/TE Carrollton

Hoobler is a player who leaped out at me as soon as I put his tape in my VCR. He is a very good athlete and an even better football player. He gets after it like I want to see a player get after it. He plays linebacker, defensive end, and tight end, but projects as a defensive end.

I like him at linebacker until he outgrows the position. I like the way he fills the hole. He finds it quickly and arrives in a bad mood. Physical intimidation is a value that should never be underestimated, and that is what I like about Hoobler. Players remember his number after a run-in with him and look for him. That is what you want out of your middle linebacker. He's a hitter and a solid tackler.

Hoobler is a really good-looking tight end as well. He's as good of a blocking tight end as I have seen in Ohio in years. He has good hands, a great first step, great instincts and is mature, explosive, and physical all the time.

Ohio State, Penn State and Pittsburgh are among the schools Chad is considering. Colorado, Michigan, and many others are also in contact.

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