Robert Allen's Thoughts on Troy Game

There's nothing original here gang. You've heard the line, nothing is ever as good as it seems and nothing is ever as bad as it seems, and the line and the truth lies somewhere in between. You've also heard that it is a short trip from the penthouse to the outhouse and that you should never get too high or get too low.

Well, they all apply as the Oklahoma State Cowboys went from feeling pretty good about themselves with that opening week 65-17 win over Washington State to feeling like a below average football team with a mistake-filled 41-38 win over Sunbelt Conference member Troy.

Now, while Troy is young they do have fast, skilled athletes and they are the four-time defending Sunbelt Conference champs. Are they better than Washington State? Absolutely, no doubt! Should Oklahoma State be worried about barely escaping at home against Troy? The answer is no!

The Cowboys should be, and Sunday afternoon will be informed that they should worry, pay attention to, and will correct five turnovers and countless preventable penalties in the 12 flags for 129 yards buildup through out the contest.

Now when you go back and figure out gains on penalized plays and actual yardage impact the penalties took away 296 yards of productivity for the offense, defense, and special teams, including the 100-yard kickoff return for a touchdown by Kendall Hunter.

Ow, that hurts! There is a silver lining there. Last year on this day the Cowboys and their fans were lamenting a lousy turnover and penalty filled effort that left Houston a winner and Oklahoma State at 1-1 on the season. This year that meltdown performance still resulted in a win, and even though it was an ugly win, the Cowboys are 2-0.

If the coaching staff, and I really don't think if is in question, can correct the mistakes and convince the players they have to focus and pay attention to detail, strive for clean performances in every game as far as taking care of the football and not going nuts with penalties then the ugliness and the consternation of sitting throughout that game and sweating out the result will be well worth it.

It is one thing to play ugly and get beat by somebody you should not lose to. Oklahoma State, over the years, has done that way too many times. It is another thing to throw out that clunker mistake-filled game and still walk off a winner. The Cowboys did that but they should not tempt fate again.

They need to play clean the rest of the season and find out accurately how good they are and how good Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Nebraska, Texas, Kansas State, and Oklahoma really are. These lessons should be just in time for next Saturday when Tulsa comes over and plays like it is the Hurricane's Super Bowl and runs around like their pants are on fire.

It's time to find out really how good these Cowboys are.

Injury Report
There were no significant injuries coming out of the Troy game. Victor Johnson, James Thomas, and Justin Gent each dealt with some cramping issues but after a hot, muggy week the OSU sports medicine staff and the players should be commended for players being hydrated and avoiding cramp issues.

CB Andrew McGee missed the game following a concussion against Washington State. He is likely back for the Tulsa game.

DT Shane Jarka missed the game following arthroscopic surgery to repair a meniscus and could be back for Tulsa and is almost certainly back for Texas A&M.

DT Chris Donaldson played, and as head coach Mike Gundy said gutted it out, with an ankle injury against Troy.

QB Brandon Weeden played with a sprained/bruised thumb on his right hand against Troy. When not playing the thumb is braced up but is not expected to be a problem and is expected to improve with each day. Weeden was 29 of 39 for 348 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions against Troy. Weeden admitted the thumb did make ball handling and taking a snap under center more difficult.

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