65-28: Enjoy It!

Okay, the tickets were high. OSU athletic director Mike Holder had them priced at $90 each. Too steep for Tulsa fans as they sent back around 3,000 of their 5,000 allotment. That's okay because those not willing to shell out the bukaroos missed a heckuva Oklahoma State offensive fireworks show. Tulsa had some fireworks too but it was way too little too late.

I think we can safely quit speculating on how bad Brandon Weeden's thumb injury is. Weeden was sharp, completing 23 of 32 passes for 409 yards and six touchdowns. Weeden was good as he made most all the throws you could ask him to make.

The receivers were teriffic with nine different pass catchers getting a pass on the night. Justin Blackmon is in position to become a star as he had three more touchdowns.

Josh Cooper, Michael Harrison and Hubert Anyiam joined the party. Anyiam, coming off a serious injury, caught his first two touchdowns of the season. Getting Anyiam going fully could set this offense off even more. You get the feeling after the game that Holgorsen is in a rush to get out of the locker room.

Joseph Randle was the leading rusher on the night and that was good as he is a major weapon this season. Clint Chelf is a back-up quarterback and guess what, he can play and threw two touchowns passes. He threw a pick that head coach Mike Gundy said he saw coming, but that is okay as he gained valuable experience. Hopefull he won't need it, but if he does it will be good that he did get it.

Everybody that could play, did play. That means even scout teamers will be happy to have this experience and they will work harder every day in practice. It is so much easier to coach off a win than a loss. Players can be leaned on but they need a look at one of several sources on game information. That way they know if they are playing.

Sure there were some mistakes but for the most part that was a butt kicking. It is a great way to finish up these summer conditions.

Hey, Saturday night was near perfect and that doesn't happen too often. Enjoy it.

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