Chinasa Wreaks Havoc on Texas A&M, Again

Ugo Chinasa was running with a case of déjà vu. The Oklahoma State senior defensive end snagged a tipped Jerrod Johnson pass and set his sights on the end zone Thursday night, just as he had off a Johnson miscue in 2008. Chinasa rumbled 22 yards while doing his best Kendall Hunter impression in hopes of recreating his breakout moment from his sophomore campaign.

However, he admitted that he set his sights on it maybe a few seconds earlier than he should have.

"I didn't even see Richetti (Jones) right there blocking Jerrod Johnson, I would've kept on running if I had," Chinasa said. "I was thinking about scoring just like I did that last time but I got stopped. But it's OK, I guess we got a turnover so that's a positive."

The turnover set a precedent for the rest of the evening as the Cowboys forced Texas A&M's senior quarterback into five turnovers on the night in the Cowboys' 38-35 last-second victory against the Aggies.

Chinasa didn't have a definite answer in why he has had so much success against the Aggies in Stillwater but he did offer a suggestion.

"I guess I don't like maroon," he said.

The Richardson, Texas, native added two sacks, three tackles for loss and six total tackles on the night, helping to force Johnson into the turnovers the Cowboys needed to stay undefeated as the final seconds ticked away.

"We played hard to the end," Chinasa said. "That's our main focus. We believed and we came out with a victory."

And the defense's performance, particularly in forcing miscues, was a must as A&M dominated time of possession by a spread of 38:32 to the Cowboys 21:28. A&M ran 106 offensive plays and compiled 535 yards of total offense.

"They did? I didn't even know about that," he said. "We're in good condition, we run every week, so I didn't feel like it was 100 plays. I'm good right now."

Chinasa said one of the reasons the defense was able to stay energized after spending nearly 40 minutes on the field was because of the turnovers and pressure it was able to generate.

"It helps a lot," Chinasa said. "It makes you play harder, faster and it helps the d-line do that too because they want to get in the action, too."

Despite spending as much time on the field as they did, Chinasa's defensive teammates took notice of the senior's performance.

"Ugo is just great," safety Markelle Martin said. "He knows what the quarterback is trying to look at and responds. He uses his arms to deflect a lot of balls and gets in on the pass rush. He understands the schemes that the offense is trying to do, works very hard and it pays off for him."

Senior linebacker Orie Lemon echoed Martin's comments and said he and Chinasa have the same goals in mind as senior leaders for a young Cowboy unit.

"Ugo is a great player and he's been a great player since he stepped on this campus and he knows what coach Young wants and what we want as a whole defense. He's a senior just like I am and we want to beat the opponents so we go out there and do whatever it takes."

Chinasa finished by saying the performance doesn't have to be pretty to be effective. Even though the defense gave up more than 500 yards, the team left Boone Pickens Stadium 4-0 with their main goal still within striking distance.

"It's good to win in conference, we need to win in conference because our goal is a Big 12 Championship," he said. "This was a good step in the direction we want to go."

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