Cowboys In Thick With Jenkins

Earlier today we learned that Oklahoma State picked up a junior college linebacker commitment in Alex Elkins out of Blinn College in Texas, but the Cowboys are also pursuing some of the top junior college defensive tackle prospects in America. One of those is Jonathan Jenkins, who is originally out of Meriden, Ct., but is a stalwart on the defense for powerhouse Mississippi Gulf Coast College.

"I am not at the top of my team in tackles or sacks," said Jenkins when asked how his season is going. "I am not playing like a superhero but I'm playing my role in the defense and the defense is playing well."

Gulf Coast is 4-1 on the season and the 6-4, 343-pound Jenkins is doing his part as he has 21 total tackles and 16 of those are unassisted, a high number for a one technique playing inside with all the big bodies around him. He also has a tackle for loss, a sack, and a forced fumble.

Jenkins is getting a lot of push up the middle which is something he is really good at. Last season he finished with nine tackles, seven unassisted, and three sacks.

Jenkins said he is being recruited by a bunch of schools. He is a May graduate and Oklahoma State, Mississippi, Houston, Syracuse, and Mississippi State are the schools working the hardest right now.

"Those schools stand out right now," said Jenkins, who said he really hasn't paired his list down. "I hear from them week in and week out. They are always sending me letters and notes."

Obviously, Syracuse is a school closer to home for Jenkins, so is getting close to home in Connecticut a factor?

"Home is always a factor," said Jenkins. "I miss home but it is the schools that are recruiting me, not me recruiting the schools. I've been away from home, so if the school I like is not close to home then I'm going to the school. I can be away from home."

Another interesting question is how he ended up in Mississippi as the Eastern seaboard is not a major recruiting target for Mississippi Gulf Coast.

"Coach (Steve) Campbell (Gulf Coast head coach) saw a highlight tape of mine and saw me playing in the wing-T on offense as a fullback," explained Jenkins. "He really liked my athleticism and thought I could really do well playing defensive line. I liked his enthusiasm and so this is where I ended up."

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