Robert Allen's High Five!

Robert Allen's High Five is a new feature this football season. It is really just his opportunity to sound off on a variety of topics. Although most of the topics will be Oklahoma State football related, some will hit some other topics and sports. Without further ado, here's Robert Allen's High Five!

1. What Could Be the Greatest Homecoming Showdown Ever
Head coach Mike Gundy and his staff and players can't do it but we can. The next two weeks could be two of the most exciting in Oklahoma State Cowboys football history.

This week in Lubbock will be a challenge. Texas Tech has good athletes and is feeling much better after its Cotton Bowl win over Baylor. Taylor Potts is armed with his two favorite receivers in Lyle Leong and Alex Torres, along with Detron Lewis and Tremain Swindall. The offensive line is huge and they are deep at running back. The defense is solid and has speed. However, if the Cowboys can beat Tech in Lubbock the prize may be the grandest homecoming in school history.

Saturday, Oct. 23, could bring a battle of unbeatens to Stillwater with Oklahoma State and Nebraska. Imagine that, as Nebraska makes its swan song visit to OSU, the Cowboys, looking for their third win in a row and their fourth in five tries against the Huskers, could be battling for the top 10 and a mention in the national championship discussion.

ABC would put the game on at 7 p.m. prime time nationally and here comes Desmond, Fowler, Corso, and Herbstreit with Game Day. A battle of unbeatens on ABC prime time and Game Day coming in all with the backdrop of the greatest homecoming celebration in America.

A win in that game and the Cowboys jump in the conversation, you know, that conversation. Oh, what a huge two weeks. Please, Gundy and company feel free to take them one at a time. That is what you need to and must do! It's the rest of us that will dream of what could happen.

2. Help the U.S. Grants Out, Please! Football Needs to Be Fun and Provide Life Lessons
With Oklahoma State playing Louisiana last Friday on the road, my high school football weekend was wiped out. There were a few Thursday games but I was on the team charter flying to Lafayette. Of course, the Cowboys played on Friday so I did not see any high school action, but upon getting home and reading the scores I found one that really saddened me. Lawton 86 U.S.Grant 0!

I don't blame Lawton and head coach Randy Breeze because it is tough. I know Coach Breeze had his junior varsity and, probably, even his freshmen in the game, and early. Coach Breeze is a classy man and surely didn't like the score any more than U.S. Grant head coach Matthew Miller.

The problem is that because of enrollment numbers schools in the Oklahoma City school district and the Tulsa school district are placed in classes where they cannot be competitive. The enrollment is there but the numbers of students participating is not.

Neither is the overwelming extra support that comes from booster clubs at schools like Union, Jenks, Broken Arrow, Edmond schools, Norman schools, Putnam City schools, etc. To ask U.S. Grant to compete in Class 6A and Capitol Hill to compete in 5A is ridiculous.

If you live outside Oklahoma then you may disregard this message, except you can find this situation in a lot of states. Inner-city schools don't always get the participation and don't have the same support system that suburb or small communities do.

I love the sport of football. I appreciate my experiences as a player and now as a media member. I appreciate the experiences it gave my son and I am proud that he chose to make football his vocation. I want all young men to have the chance to have those type of experiences and to learn those lessons that can be taught by fine coaches in a good football environment.

I also realize that every kid can't go unbeaten, have a winning season, and make the playoffs. What I do ask is that every kid that puts out the effort to play get a chance, a chance to have some positive experiences, a chance to be competitive. Sometimes enrollment is a liar. I have always said a better barometer for class is the number of average participants in the program. Like enrollment this could be monitored and districts could be adjusted. I would recommend three-year cycles instead of two.

My friend, Phil Nichols, of Guthrie, another great lover of high school football, had a good suggestion. Simply form an OKlahoma City Public Schools district or league for those teams having trouble competing. That is a great idea. Maybe they couldn't qualify for the playoffs, but they could win a district championship and compete against schools on an equal footing with them.

I plead with the OSSAA, do something. Those kids deserve a better experience than 86-0 week after week.

3. Oregon vs. ?
Last week I had Alabama playing the combination of Boise State and TCU for the national championship. 'Bama has been dismissed for now as they lost to a very good South Carolina team. The Crimson Tide could get back but a lot would have to happen.

Four Big 12 teams remain in the hunt as unbeatens but that will be at most two by the end of Oct. 23. I like Oregon and its consistency so far, but I am not sold on Ohio State, Nebraska or Oklahoma. It might be Auburn. In fact, if pressed I think that is the way I would go right now. Of course, I haven't changed my mind in that I still think combining TCU and Boise State would make for a good team.

4. The Farve Tragedy
I'm not a huge golf fan but I did appreciate watching Tiger Woods win major tournaments. Tiger was a golfing beast that was easy to root for because he was such a good guy and his foundation was doing so much good. Now, I don't root against Woods but I don't root for him, and there isn't as much to marvel at since all of his many infidelities were revealed for the whole world to see. It is not the same for anybody watching Woods.

I have always enjoyed watching Brett Farve play quarterback. His boyish enthusiasm that made it seem he was in his front yard playing footbal with his buddies, like you and I did, made him so much more likeable and fun to watch.

He never played for my favorite team, mostly against my favorite teams, but I still enjoyed watching Farve. Now word gets out that he was calling and messaging a young sex kitten of a football host for the Jets and now a broadcaster for Versus network. He reportedly emailed or texted a picture of his nether regions. He also reportedly leered and contacted two massage therapists for suspected frivolity.

Say it isn't so. I expect Farve to be human and make mistakes, but I am a huge fan of Deanna Farve, Brett's wife, who is a breast cancer survivor, and a woman that appears to have stood by her man through thick and thin. She is a standout of a wife from all the outside world can see.

Shame on you Brett Farve. You haven't sunk to Tiger Woods level, but watching you won't be as fun as it once was.

5. You Need to Appreciate this Soccer Team
Football is getting all the publicity around the Oklahoma State campus but it is also futbol that is doing well, as in soccer. The Oklahoma State Cowgirls have achieved their highest ranking ever as they are fifth in the latest NSCAA poll with their previous high in the polls being seventh.

The Cowgirls have one of the best goal keepers in America in Adrianna Franch, one of the best defenders in the nation in Melinda Mercado, and now one of the most electric goal scorers in midfielder Krista Lopez. The Cowgirls are 12-1-1 overall and so far a perfect 5-0 in the Big 12.

Looking for an opportunity to catch Colin Carmichael and his amazing team. The Cowgirls host Colorado at 7 p.m. Friday, and then on Sunday they will finish the weekend by hosting lame ducks with Nebraska at Cowgirls Soccer Stadium kicking off at 1 p.m.

The Cowgirls finish up with three road games at Texas, at No. 7 Texas A&M, and at Oklahoma, a team they defeated in a non-conference meeting in the season opener.

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