Sunday Rewind: Gundy Pleased With Cowboys

There was no doubt that Justin Blackmon and his personal best day with 207 receiving yards and that quarterback Brandon Weeden and running back Kendall Hunter had a huge impact on the Cowboys 34-17 victory over Texas Tech, including building an early 21-0 first quarter advantage.

"I have a lot of confidence in Justin (Blackmon)," said Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy in answering another reporters question on his Sunday teleconference with the beat reporters.

"Kendall (Hunter), kind of unexpected, or quietly, rushed for 130 or how many yards. The defense had better proximity in covering the passing game and they did a good job of tackling. Several guys like Johnny Thomas did a good job of forcing fumbles and getting turnovers," added Gundy.

That was kind of the general review as Gundy had watched the coaches tape of the game. There was some credit for the big guys, the linemen on both sides of the ball, as they had major contributions in Lubbock that puts the Cowboys 6-0 on the season and 2-0 in the Big 12 South.

On defense, it was the pass rush and the defensive linemen. Defensive coordinator Bill Young had made the decision not to blitz much as Tech releases the ball quickly in its offense and he didn't want to waste players sending them after Taylor Potts with a slim chance of getting to him.

Now that didn't mean that he wasn't pulling out all the stops with the front four to get a rush, and those guys up front made it work. After the game, Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville said it was the Oklahoma State pass rush that had a very unsettling impact on the Red Raiders passing attack and quarterback Taylor Potts, who had to be X-rayed for a jaw injury at the half and made a hospital visit after the game.

"We felt like the pass rush was better, but we still need to improve in that area," said Gundy after being told of Tuberville's comments. "We were flying back there and getting good push in the middle early in the game. We got to him some and made him move his feet around."

The Cowboys actually had two sacks, one by defensive tackle Chris Donaldson early in the first quarter and later by defensive end Jamie Blatnick. Donaldson was also give credit for a quarterback hurry.

On the offensive side, at the end of the game the offensive line trudged to the locker room looking totally spent. Later center Grant Garner came out with ice taped around his knees, shoulders, elbows, and a few other spots.

At one point starting guard Lane Taylor came off the field calling for Anthony Morgan to take his spot. That hardly ever happens, and Dave Hunziker and John Holcomb on the Cowboy Radio Network pointed out Taylor's hustle to get blocks outside on the screen.

"Lane did get out there and knocked a couple of guys down on the screen," said Gundy. "Dana Holgorsen pointed that out in watching tape. Those plays came on third downs and allowed us to convert and keep the drives going."

The contributions are from everywhere and Gundy said that this, his third core group of a team since he became head coach, is really pleasing him in seeing the leadership provided by veterans like Ugo Chinasa, Orie Lemon, Markelle Martin, Kendall Hunter, Johnny Thomas, and others as they bring the younger group along. Attitude is a big factor in what is happening for these Cowboys.

During the conference call, Gundy said that Hubert Anyiam will get a look this week and based on where he is Tuesday after an examination might be able to play some Saturday against Nebraska. He has an injury, according to the coach, that could run anywhere from two weeks to five weeks.

Michael Harrison should continue practicing and be better this week.

Freshman cornerback Justin Gilbert has a mild ankle sprain and should be good to go this week. Gundy said later in the week they would know if he could also go back on returns for the Nebraska game.

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