No High Five, Just An Off-The-Field Low

This week there is no Robert Allen's High Five because today the Cowboys football program was rocked with one big dose of bad news as it was learned that wide receiver Justin Blackmon was arrested on a driving under the influence charge in Carrollton, Texas at 3:45 a.m. Tuesday following attending the Dallas Cowboys football game Monday night.

Blackmon was accompanied by three unidentified individuals, but it has been learned that those passengers included fellow wide receiver Tracy Moore, walk-on cornerback Jarrod Fields, and former OSU player Taylor Sokolozsky.

Blackmon, being a minor that won't turn 21 until January, is by Texas law guilty of a DUI if he has consumed any detectable amount of alcohol. A field sobriety test caused officers to believe he had consumed alcohol.

None of the passengers were charged and Blackmon was released after posting bond at 8:06 a.m., according to a story by Bill Haisten in The Tulsa World. He is subject to appearing in court to plead not guilty or paying a $375 fine.

Blackmon returned Tuesday morning to Stillwater but according to a release from the Oklahoma State athletic department will have no comment for now and neither will head coach Mike Gundy.

Absolutely A Kick in the Groin!
I feel sorry, very sorry. I feel sorry for Mike Gundy, for the coaches and players in the Oklahoma State football program, for the fans of the Cowboys, and I feel sorry for Justin Blackmon.

Blackmon's story had all the makings of a true "feel good" sports tale. He surfaces from a crowd of wide receivers this season to show his fantastic athletic talent and catch the college football world by storm with his dominant play on the field. Blackmon was showing his artistic ability and at the same time brute strength moves and control in taking the ball away from and even off the back of opposing defenders.

He was earning helmet stickers from ESPN, multiple appearances on ESPN's Plays of the Day, and mid-season All-America honors from media outlets that couldn't have named him or picked him out of a crowd at the start of the season.

On top of that, Blackmon is a good kid from a great family that was raised in the church. He has shown his team and the OSU fans humility, and a caring for others with his relationship with cancer patient Olivia Hamilton of Sperry, Okla.

He has been a leader among his teammates at wide receiver in establishing relationships in a pen-pal program with servicemen and women in our military both deployed and recently back from deployment.

Blackmon, I can tell you from first-hand experience, is a great young man. However, like many good people, he has now made a mistake. His mistake will cost him. He was on the verge of being a strong Heisman Trophy candidate, a favorite for the Fred Biletnikoff Award, and a shoe-in for All-America honors. The first two of those individual honors are completely out the door, and the third might be there.

The biggest hurt for Blackmon will be that he has let down his coaches, teammates, family, school, and fans. If he works hard, in time, he will get those positive feelings back. In the scheme of life, a DUI is bad, but it isn't life long.

It is just so sad because Blackmon was the "too good to be true" hero. We love having those, but there is also great value in taking on personal adversity and overcoming it with your actions from this point on.

I know Gundy hurts, I know the coaching staff hurts, and the players will need to make up for Blackmon's loss, if he is indeed suspended and I would suspect he would be.

The fans will be mad because Blackmon is a reason they spend the money on tickets. He is fun to watch and he is a huge factor in the Cowboys' success.

The start of this season was fabulous but between the first loss of the season Saturday and this incident near Dallas a black cloud has appeared and that adversity that Gundy and many coaches like to speak of is hanging over the Cowboys.

It is time to ride through the storm. Good Cowboys can do that and the OSU Cowboys have in the past, but you hate that all this has happened when everything was so sunny including the outlook for Justin Blackmon just 24 hours ago.

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