Gundy: Don't Rush To Judgment On Justin

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy commented for the first time on the Justin Blackmon situation Tuesday night on his Cowboys Sports Network coaches call-in show. Blackmon was arrested at 3:45 a.m. Tuesday in Carrollton, Texas in the company of three other individuals and charged with a DUI (by a driver under 21) after he was stopped for speeding.

"I am in the middle of gathering all the information right now and I would anticipate having all of the information by noon tomorrow," said Gundy on the show.

"Because it happened in Texas I have no official documentation at this point. I really have two sides of the story. It was a poor decision on Justin's part to leave town and go down for the (Dallas) Cowboys game during a game week (for OSU)." Blackmon has not only been outstanding on the field for the Cowboys but off the field he has been one of the best examples of a quality student-athlete and individual on the football team.

He has been involved in a number of good situations including his well documented relationship and friendship with Sperry, Okla. cancer patient Olivia Hamilton, his work with FCA, and his pen-pal relationships with a number of military personnel that are currently deployed or recently deployed overseas.

Despite his leading the nation in receiving yards and scoring almost every step of the way this season he has gone out of his way to deflect credit to his teammates and has stayed humble.

Blackmon has 62 receptions for 1,112 yards and 14 touchdowns through seven games this season.

Blackmon, on the advice of his coaches and OSU officials, has had no comment on the situation. But one OSU official told me that at some point Blackmon would talk and explain all the circumstances with the incident on Tuesday morning.

Blackmon, being a minor that won't turn 21 until January, is by Texas law guilty of a DUI if he had consumed any detectable amount of alcohol. A field sobriety test by observation caused officers to believe he had consumed alcohol.

None of the passengers were charged and Blackmon was released after posting bond at 8:06 a.m. according to a story by Bill Haisten in The Tulsa World. He is subject to appearing in court to plead not guilty or paying a $375 fine.

Blackmon was accompanied by three unidentified individuals, but it has been learned that those passengers included fellow wide receiver Tracy Moore, walk-on cornerback Jarrod Fields, and former OSU player Taylor Sokolozsky.

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