Matt Pilgrim Will Rejoin Team

Matt Pilgrim will be rejoining the Oklahoma State basketball team for Wednesday morning's practice, Cowboy head coach Travis Ford said. Pilgrim has not participated in any practices since the Cowboys began working out on Oct. 15, and Ford announced last week that he had suspended the 6-8, 255-pound senior from Cincinnati for undisclosed reasons.

I've asked Matt to rejoin our team," Ford said in his postgame press conference following the Cowboys 86-66 exhibition game victory over Oklahoma City University on Monday night

"He'll start practicing Wednesday if he continues to do the things that we've asked him and he has during his suspension. He's done a good job. We'll see where he is on Wednesday," Ford said.

But Ford said he expects all of his players to be 100 percent dedicated to the team.

"You've got to be all in. You're either in or you're out. There's no in between," he said. "He seems right now to be prepared to be all in. That's what he tells me. From me doing my checking and things he's been doing away from the team, those people tell me they think he's ready.

"There's no question this team can use him, but this team can only use people who are all in. Everybody has to be all in defensively, offensively, rebounding, running the plays, cheering for your teammates, everything... it just can't be I just want to go score the ball. That's just about a tenth of the way in. We need everybody all in."

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