Robert Allen's High Five!

Robert Allen's High Five! is a new feature this football season. It is really just his opportunity to sound off on a variety of topics. Although most of the topics will be Oklahoma State football related, some will hit some other topics and sports. Without further ado, here's Robert Allen's High Five!

1. Dave, Find Some New Material
Wow! The Cowboys come out in a Big 12 showdown and crush previous first place Big 12 South occupant Baylor 55-28. I know, we've been over this. It was Baylor, a team fans and media alike have a hard time accepting as really good.

However, these Bears are still one of the top offensive teams in the nation and Robert Griffin III, who seems to run up and down the field and throw the ball all around against other teams, has found the Cowboys defense a struggle in his two outings against them in Stillwater.

Oklahoma State jumps into first place at 4-1 with Baylor at 4-2 and Oklahoma and Texas A&M at 3-2. Now the Cowboys head to Texas, which is last in the Big 12 South. Sure, Texas has been a tough mountain for Oklahoma State to climb, but there is plenty of positive to deal with leading up to the trip to Austin.

Not for Tulsa World sports columnist Dave Sittler, who instead on Tuesday chose to regurgitate his stories from this summer on Boone Pickens being on a short timetable and wanting some reward with wins over Texas and Oklahoma. Old comments on how Pickens expects head coach Mike Gundy to get him some big-time football skins for his trophy room.

I'm a huge fan of Pickens and I understand his impatience. If I spent as much money on boosting the program I would be looking for return as well. However, this Sittler column is either laziness or just flat frustration over Oklahoma State having success. This is a good week to write about how the program has improved or how it is in as good a shape as it has ever been. This would have been a good day to write a column on how Mike Gundy has Oklahoma State on the verge of something very special.

Now if the Cowboys go to Austin and come back empty handed then Sittler's column of Tuesday would be appropriate. Until then, I'm going to view it as laziness because surely a man of the newsprint isn't playing favorites or in this case playing non-favorites.

2. Introducing Mr. Blackmon (Yes, Justin's Dad)
Hopefully you've noticed the cover and cover story of our latest issue of Go Pokes Magazine featuring standout wide receiver Justin Blackmon. I have been so impressed with Blackmon, not the player, but the person.

Okay, so he used poor judgment on the road trip to Dallas for that Monday Night Game. I likely would have done the same thing in college and did in several situations.

I have been really impressed with his character, his caring for others, and his faith. This is a young man raised well. I found out how well at the Tuesday practice as Dave Hunziker and I sat with Justin's father, Warren Blackmon, through much of the practice. He told us more about his son. Mr. Blackmon is a proud father. He is also, as I had been told, very squared away being a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. When I told him I had a brother-in-law that had served in the Marines. Mr. Blackmon let out a "hoo-rah."

There is a very good reason that Justin Blackmon is the way he is. He was brought up well by his parents, Warren and his wife, Donna. That was when Dave Hunziker said something about one of the coaches believing that athletic ability on the mother's side is what is passed on. Mr. Blackmon just nodded his head. Donna was a cheerleader, played soccer and also was a swimmer. Just remember, Mr. Blackmon is a Marine. They have to be fairly athletic.

3. Oregon vs. TCU
I have not changed my mind on which two teams I believe deserve to play in the BCS Championship Game. TCU is loaded with four stellar defensive tackles and two cornerbacks that are both future NFL players. If you have defensive tackles and corners then you can do whatever you want on defense. Oregon seems to be able to do anything its wants so far on offense. Bring on the showdown.

4. Cam Newton, Welcome to the Heisman Chase
Last week it was ESPN breaking the story that Auburn quarterback and Heisman Trophy favorite Cameron Newton had a street agent or associate that was soliciting money. The figure $200,000 came up, for his services when he came out of Blinn (Texas) Junior College last season after leading the Buccanneers to the junior college national championship.

Now this week, not to be outdone by their cable sports rival, Fox Sports and dirt reporter (accent on the dirt) Thayer Evans is reporting that Newton was in academic hot water on his exit from the University of Florida because of cheating and fraud. He was, according to Thayer and his sources, ready to be called before a panel that could have expelled Newton from Gatorland. Instead, a theft incident sent Newton packing. Newton would neither confirm nor deny the latest revelation, just that he has no plans on commenting on them.

That is life in the Heisman fast lane and also life when ESPN and Fox are competing to see who can take you down with an exclusive investigative story. I think it is ridiculous. Unless you have iron-clad proof of Newton collecting the big money as a collegian or you know he is flunking out or not even attending class at Auburn then leave it alone.

5. More Soccer Stuff
If you are not heading to Austin this weekend to see the Cowboys take on the Longhorns then you may want to invest a modest $18 for an all-session ticket to the NCAA Soccer Tournament sub-regional at Cowgirls Soccer Stadium.

OSU will play Michigan on Friday and hopefully after beating the Wolverines, the Cowgirls will play the winner of Oregon State and Memphis. This OSU women's soccer squad is fun to watch. You will also be watching two of the best overall athletes on campus in goalkeeper A.D. Franch and defender Melinda Mercado. Just check those two ladies out. They could play just about any sport they please and be good.

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