Alexander's Status is Riding Rapidly

Tight end/defensive end Brandon Alexander of Brenham, Texas has gained plenty of noteriety this season and now most of the Division I schools in the state of Texas are in pursuit of the former basketball player. The cousin of former Oklahoma Sooner standout Rufus Alexander, Brandon is 6-6, 240 pounds and growing. He could even wind up being a three technique inside depending on how big he gets.

This season, going into the Cubs playoff opener with Humble Kingwood Park on Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m., Alexander has 59 tackles, 36 of those unassisted. He has five sacks and has forced three fumbles, recovered one for a touchdown, and has blocked an extra point.

"I've had a good season," said Alexander, who isn't overly talkative. "The coaches tell me what to do and I do what they say and come up to make the play."

There is a good reason why Alexander was off the radar screen until this season and the man who knows so well is his adopted dad, David Barham, who also took in Rufus Alexander and raised him.

"Rufus asked us to take in his cousin and do for him what we had done for Rufus," said Barham, who after trying to start a private academy in Louisiana is coaching for the very successful Blinn Junior College football program there in Brenham.

"Brandon had been playing basketball and was really good. He was playing on an AAU traveling team in the summer and he asked me to help him play football. He wasn't seeing the kind of competition that will get you noticed in Louisiana, but this season he has and he is playing really well. He just started playing football his junior year in high school, so he is going to get a lot better," added Barham.

"We have fun, do our job, and get the victory," said Alexander about his approach to football this season.

Alexander said he is focused on football and academics and he is a qualifier for the NCAA. He said his dad (Barham) handles the recruiting.

"He (Brandon) has offers from just about every school in Texas," said Barham. "Texas Tech, Texas A&M, TCU, Baylor, even Texas has said that they are full but if a recruit falls off then they are interested. Oklahoma State has offered and they are interested."

The selection process will begin in earnest after Brenham finishes up its season, but Brham has made it clear that Alexander has told him that he wants to play college football and there is now, no doubt, that he will have his chance.

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