Griffin Is A 'Tremendous Football Player'

Don Drake, head football coach at Boyd High School in McKinney, Texas, was busy preparing Thursday for his team's bi-district playoff game against Richardson on Friday but took a few minutes to visit with us about Jonovan Griffin, who committed to Oklahoma State earlier in the day. Griffin is a dual threat quarterback for the Broncos, 8-2, but is being recruited to play cornerback by the Cowboys.

What type of player is Jonovan?
Drake: He's extremely, extremely talented. He's very fast, very shifty. Jonovan has been the quarterback for us and has done so since ... I guess he became our starting quarterback in game five of his sophomore year and has been our starter ever since. He's our total yardage leader in the history of the school with a little over 7,000-plus total yards. He's been a tremendous football player for us.

What are Jonovan's measurements?
Drake: He goes about 160 to 165, and about 5-11 or 6-foot. He's a 4.3 forty kid, so he can run. Again, he's one of those that comes along every once a while that's really talented and is able to do special things with the ball in his hands.

What do you think prompted Oklahoma State to offer him now?
Drake: I know that he had been to their Senior Day camp this past summer and I think they got a chance to just watch him run around and see how he moved. If you ever see him play or have ever seen any video of him play or get an opportunity to watch him work out, you're pretty quick to pick up the fact that the kid is very, very athletic and very talented. They always say that speed kills and here's a kid that definitely has raw speed and raw talent. Anybody that sees that recognizes that pretty quickly.

What are your thoughts on him switching to Oklahoma State after originally committed to UTEP?
Drake: When Jonovan committed to UTEP this offer wasn't on the table at that point. What I've always told kids is that once you commit you need to be sure that's what you want to do. I still believe that. You can only choose from those available options that you have, and I think that when you have a school such as Oklahoma State come in, and he's had a couple other offers since he made that commitment as well, but I think you have to go back and reevaluate. Because when you talk about a kid who is going to make a decision that's going to affect the next four years, sometimes five, of their life, and not only that but it could affect far beyond that based on their education and everything else, it's a big deal. I think to not be able to make that decision with all the cards in your hand is a tough thing to do. I think when he made that (commitment) to UTEP, he was very, very excited, very enthusiastic about it, and was sold on going to UTEP, but things change when other people come into the picture. I think you've got to allow a kid the opportunity to reevaluate and figure out what's in the best interest of him and his family, and I think that's what he did. I can't fault him for that. I think that all of us would do the same thing if put in that position.

Jonovan is being recruited as a cornerback by Oklahoma State, is that what you understood?
Drake: Yes, that's what I was told.

Does he play cornerback for you?
Drake: No, he does not. Being our starting quarterback, he doesn't play on the other side of the football.

Can he be a big-time cornerback in the Big 12?
Drake: I think he's got all the tools necessary to do that. Again, when you talk about a kid that stands 5-11 or 6-foot tall, that's a pretty good size corner. For a quarterback, that's not. The thing that makes him special for us at quarterback is he's a true dual threat kid who can both run and throw. His ability to run, obviously, is exceptional and I think he takes those same qualities and those same abilities to the other side of the football at corner and I think you've got a kid who's very, very capable of being a great cover corner.

What type of kid is Jonovan in school?
Drake: He's a lot of fun to be around. He's a very good student. He's been a pleasure to coach over the last four years. Obviously my connection with him has developed immensely that last three since he's come into our varsity football program. He's a great kid, good family ... I couldn't tell you anything negatively about him.

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