Cowboys Are Taking Care of Business

In one of the most consistent messages of the football season, Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy said Sunday that he likes his team's attitude and the business-like way that they go about their work on Saturdays and every day of the week.

It has added up so far to a 9-1 season, 5-1 record in the Big 12, a first win in Lubbock since 1944, a first win at Kansas State since 1988 when Gundy was playing quarterback, and now with Saturday night's 33-16 win over Texas, the first win over the Longhorns since 1997 and the first win in Austin since 1944.

"We had a hard time keeping them in the locker room before the game," said Gundy of the win on ABC-TV that clinched the Cowboys first Big 12 season sweep all four Texas schools in the Big 12 South. "They wanted to get out and get to work."

John Klein of the Tulsa World asked about the plane flight home and if that was celebratory. "No, it was pretty routine. The players were on (when I arrived - Gundy had to stay longer to film his coach's TV show)," explained Gundy. "It was really busness-like. Remember, it was 1 a.m. in the morning.

"I wasn't watching it, but people up in the stands or on TV said they (players) were acting like it was another game," continued the head coach of the reaction right after the win. "Other than going down to the crowd where we sang the alma mater, they are very used to winning."

Gundy said he liked the physical toughness his team showed from the hard running fo Kendall Hunter, who continues in the opinion of Tulsa World beat writer Bill Haisten to be one of the best short-yardage runners in a compact frame of any in college football.

Brandon Weeden took on a defense with speed and a defensive line that gets upfield and played one of his best games of the season. Gundy did add that he wasn't as crazy about Weeden's scramble late in the game when he took a helmet in the ribs.

"He still has to play the game," said Gundy. "We don't want him running a lot, but there has to be some kind of threat when they clear out."

Gundy likes the toughness the Cowboys showed on defense and special teams and the hard hits delivered without the fanfare of taunting or celebrating about it.

"I used Johnny's (Thomas) hit last night (hit on Texas receiver James Kirkendoll after a catch early in the game)," said Gundy. "We talk about it all the time, you make physical plays but you don't need to taunt or bring attention to it.

"What was there, 8-10 million people watching the game last night, I don't know. I told our team just a while ago in a team meeting that you make a play like that and everybody knows you made a good play. That is what we stand for, making physical plays. When you do, you don't need to demoralize anybody. Everybody knows you made a physical play."

The Cowboys now move on with even more on the line. They are gaining BCS points and there is always the chance that even with a slip that they could gain a BCS at-large berth, if they don't win the Big 12 Championship Game, which they still need to play their way into.

Gundy said he did get some nice compliments from Texas head coach Mack Brown.

"He has always been complimentary of the program," said Gundy. "He said some nice things. You know he is one of the level-headed guys. He said what an unbelievable job we are doing here. He thinks it is more unbelieveable all the time. He has always been gracious and he is going through some tough times. You could tell that by some of his facial expressions."

Now for Oklahoma State it is on to Kansas for an 11 a.m. kickoff this Saturday. After that a Thanksgiving where Cowboy football has as much as ever to be thankful for followed by a Bedlam Saturday that could end up providing the biggest bounty.

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