Diary of Bedlam Week: Sunday

One of the entries we will make throughout Bedlam week is this diary that will take you through the typical week of preparation for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The description is not exact but it does describe what an actual week is like in a Division I football program in preparing for a huge game.

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy changed the Sunday schedule this season and it has been a major success with both the players and the coaching staff. This is the similar schedule used when Les Miles was the head coach and it is adopted from the typical week in the NFL where the off day for the players is not the day after the game but instead the second day after playing a game. That makes Monday the off day for the Cowboys players.

Gundy and the Cowboys coaching staff rolls in early in the morning to begin the task of reviewing the game video and grading the effort from the 48-14 win over Kansas. No doubt, the first half took longer to grade for the defense as Kansas moved the ball well only to come back against a renewed effort by the Cowboys defense that allowed just 29 plays and 64 yards in the second half. Coordinator Bill Young, Glenn Spencer, Joe DeForest and Jason Jones made quick work of the second half.

DeForest and quality control assistant Luke Paschall break down the special teams video, which should prove interesting to the Sooner special teams coaches this week. The Cowboys had a lot of big plays in special teams including the block and scoop for a touchdown by Michael Harrison off a KU punt in the third quarter.

The offense had its almost average performance of nearly 600 yards and plenty of points. Dana Holgorsen and the offensive staff, including graduate assistant Jake Spavital, make quick work of that.

Some coaches get out and meet their families for church but the entire staff is back early in the afternoon to go through a staff meeting and then dive into video of Oklahoma that has already been broken down on the computer and catalogued in every way possible – by games, by runs or passes, by formations, by position groupings, just about everything. This process will go on until it's time to meet with the players.

The players report to the football complex in the west end zone usually around 1 or 2 p.m. Every single player that traveled to Kansas and played even a single play in the game is required to check in with the training staff.

Some injuries can become more serious in the hours after a game, some even show up later, and head trainer Rob Hunt and team doctor Dr. Val Gene Iven want to make sure nothing gets overlooked. Some players will be required to start treatment routines. Wide receiver Justin Blackmon played through a mild ankle sprain, but that is an injury that requires a treatment plan in order to improve.

Strength and conditioning coach Rob Glass has the players for lifts during the mid-afternoon hours. The lifts are designed for the day after competition. Truth be known, during the season Glass and his staff really aren't trying to make the players any stronger but trying to help them maintain the strength that they gained in the off season and the summer. The lifts for the starters and players that play a lot are maintenance lifts. Redshirts and squad players do lift harder and more frequently with the idea of getting bigger and stronger.

Later in the afternoon the players meet as a team with the staff and then break up into groups to review the video of the Kansas game and get an early look at Oklahoma for this week. There is a break for dinner and then it is back for practice.

Sunday night's practice is brief, really about an hour on the field with stretch and agility drills. These are designed to loosen up the muscles and get the soreness out, at least to start working it out. The squad will go over special teams from the Kansas game and correct mistakes. Then the same process goes for the offense and the defense. There is also an introduction on the field with a few plays or looks for the upcoming Bedlam game with Oklahoma.

Following the practice, that takes place under the lights in Boone Pickens Stadium, the players are done for the day but the staff is back upstairs in the offices for more video study of the Sooners and more discussion of game planning for next Saturday.

The midnight oil will burn and the Red Bull and Monster in the refrigerator will get a workout this week.

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