Robert Allen's High Five!

This week's High Five is dedicated to Bedlam and the Oklahoma game Saturday. We'll focus on the five top factors in Oklahoma State's favor that could lead to a win Saturday and a berth in the Big 12 Championship Game. We will count them down from five to one.

5. The Oklahoma State offensive line is playing really well and is very physical
They flat out have a mean streak and on game days the trio of right tackle Levy Adock, left guard Jonathan Rush and center Grant Garner are insane. This offensive line plays like a defensive line including all the intimidating activity that you normally expect out of defenders. This will be a good matchup with the Oklahoma defensive line that is always looking to gain a mental edge with intimidation. This could get really fun on Saturday because neither side will back down.

4. Orie Lemon has the defense playing at a very high level and his playmaking on defense is huge
Lemon is the ring leader and the Cowboys defense is playing at its best level all season. Lemon's best friends are Shane Jarka and Chris Donaldson at defensive tackles as that pair has given Lemon a lot of protection. It is worth it as Lemon goes sideline to sideline to the point of almost killing himself to make a play.

3. The defensive line showed total gap control in the second half against Kansas
In the second half of last Saturday's game against Kansas, I switched my vantage point from 15 yards ahead of the offense to about 10yards behind the offense. I wanted to see how the defenses were doing and the Cowboys showed me a total gap control defense that forced the Kansas running backs to freeze behind the line of scrimmage and then go wide looking for room. That is exactly what the Cowboys need to do against OU, forcing the Sooners to pass the ball and become one dimensional. In our meeting with defensive coordinator Bill Young this week, Young said the pass rush the Cowboys got in the second half against Kansas is the type of rush his defenders will need against OU.

2. Watch out for the bonus weapon on offense
The bonus weapon is freshman running back Joseph Randle. Randle is very mature for his age and has been a solid contributor all season. He really ought to get consideration for Big 12 Freshman of the Year. Randle is big enough that if OU is able to stack the box and Kendall Hunter can't get room then Randle is bigger and more physical and can slap around with OU defenders. He is also such a great prospect in the passing game. He is a little like OU running back DeMarco Murray, who is very versatile.

1. Brandon Weeden
Weeden is 27 years old, but beyond that he has seen pressure and working conditions that make this OSU locker room seem like it's gold plated. Weeden doesn't blink at anything and he has been very grateful to all around him. He is a gamer and he has proven he is clutch too. Re-heat and start the meal all over again and if you run out of anything then just ask the store.

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