Diary of Bedlam Week: Friday

As you read this the Oklahoma State Cowboys are either in their rooms getting ready to go to bed, fast asleep, or if you catch this Saturday morning, provided it is after 10 a.m. then they are going through the long day's wait for the 7 p.m. kickoff for Bedlam.

After having Thursday evening off, allowing some players a chance to go home for Thanksgiving following the Thursday practice and the team's Thanksgiving dinner, the players were back in Stillwater and in the west end zone complex early Friday afternoon.

Quarterback Brandon Weeden was able to make it home to Edmond with his wife, a chance to see family and watch some football and enjoy some home cooking.

Speaking of home cooking, slot receiver Josh Cooper said he went easy on the training table Thanksgiving dinner because he was saving room for some of his favorites that his mom cooks. Defensive tackle Shane Jarka met up with his family at Jarid King's house as there was a dinner for the two families combined and some additional players.

It was a group effort to get everybody some home cooking. Freshman Daniel Koenig had his family come into town and they celebrated Thanksgiving with some of the other freshmen.

Beating the rest of the team back, wide receiver Justin Blackmon was back in the training room Friday morning for an extensive workout, consisting or agility drills and running. Balckmon passed his test with flying colors and is ready to go with another day to allow the ankle time to heal. Blackmon participated in Thursday's work and Friday's walk through.

Meetings throughout the afternoon led to the 45-minute walk through in Boone Pickens Stadium. By the time the Cowboys made it out at 4:35 p.m., ABC had its cameras set up around the stadium including the aerial camera or skycam on the suspended wires the follows the action around.

After the walk through, the team went upstairs for the Friday night meal held at the training table as it is for home games. Then the team boarded buses for the movie. "Unstoppable" is what the Cowboys want to be on Saturday night in Bedlam and that is the movie they saw featuring Denzel Washington and a story about a speeding train that is out of control and the brave plan Washington's character has to try and stop it.

Back at the Atherton Hotel following the movie the Cowboys pick up their snack and head to their rooms to enjoy a good night's sleep on those famous Atherton beds that are legendary for their comfort. A good night's sleep and then it is time to beat OU.

Bring on Bedlam!

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