Gundy: We'll Be Healthy For Bowl Game

"We will have a healthy team in two weeks," said Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy on Sunday as he was chopping fried potatoes, onions, squash and asparagus, which he said was not his normal activity while talking to the media on Sundays. "That's the news I got today," he continued.

"We met with them this afternoon and gave them the next week off. They won't lift. They won't work out. Just go to class, be regular college students, and catch their breath," Gundy said.

Gundy was talking on his regular day after a game teleconference with the Oklahoma State beat media. He elaborated on the injured Cowboys saying that wide receiver Justin Blackmon did not take any snaps in practice last week and was in a boot early and then a hard cast for three days and then a boot leading up to the game.

"It was hard to tell (what they were going to get from Blackmon)," added Gundy on the star wide receiver that is a favorite to win the Biletnikoff Award and may be the Offensive Player of the Year in the Big 12 and is a sure fire All=-American.

"His tolerance for pain is so unbelievably high that we didn't know what to expect or if we would get anything out of him at all. It was amazing that we got 8-9 catches for over 100 yards and a touchdown.

"He was sore today, but he'll be good in about 10 days. I want you to know that we checked to see if he was playing if he could have injured it any further and he couldn't. I wouldn't have let him on the field if that were the case."

Gundy also said that quarterback Brandon Weeden has an ankle that will need a week or so to heal and that they will get offensive tackle Nick Martinez (broken hand suffered at Kansas) back in two to three weeks.

As for the bowl game, Gundy said he had no way of knowing and that he doesn't get that involved in that business.

"Maybe, I should, but I have no clue on a bowl right now," said the head coach. "There are the two teams in the championship and then two other teams, us and Missouri, that have just two losses, right? There could be all kinds of scenarios. Anybody that is saying they know right now is really guessing, I would think."

Told that his team could be Alamo and San Antonio-bound to likely play Arizona, a team that they will play at Boone Pickens Stadium next September, Gundy said, "We'd have some good tape to watch over the summer."

As for the tiebreaker in the Big 12 that gives OU the opportunity to go play in the Big 12 title game, Gundy said he agreed to it as did the other coaches. There was really no other way to decide it after the coaches sat down and hashed it out.

Now as for reviewing the Bedlam loss 47-41 to Oklahoma, Gundy had a lot of thoughts ranging from never remembering seeing a play like the tip Brodrick Brown made to teammate Shaun Lewis for an interception in the second quarter.

"That was amazing," said Gundy. "He (Brown) slowly but surely plays 85 plays a game and then nobody notices him until he is out of the game. Lewis did make some big plays as a true freshman in that game. As emotional as that game was, he showed up a lot."

Gundy felt that the odd man front OU schemed on defense was a difference maker in stopping the run and taking advantage of the Cowboys loss of Martinez at tackle. He thought the Cowboys won the special teams area with the kickoffs and the kickoff return, in spite of the penalty on roughing the punter. But on defense, OU's offense with 107 snaps also had the edge especially late.

"We had 23 missed tackles in the game," said Gundy. "You know we had 33 against Nebraska, but we've averaged 12 a game. Coaches will tell you you will miss more tackles against a team like Oklahoma, but we needed it to be about 15 to 17 instead of 23.

"They hurt us with those last two touchdowns. The first one was an in cut where Brodrick was in the right place but they just beat him coming out of it. The last one they just beat us on the play. It came down to those plays and it was very, very emotional. The effort was as good as any game that we've played this season. It was a couple of mistakes."

Gundy added that many of the Oklahoma State coaches hit the road Sunday night and the rest that are going on the road to recruit will be out by noon Monday.

Then Gundy got back to his cooking knowing that before long he needs to come up with a winning recipe for a bowl opponent to be named, but we project it to be Arizona in the Alamo.

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