Comparing Candidates To Replace Holgorsen

Realizing that nothing officially has been announced but barring a last second change Dana Holgorsen is heading to West Virginia for some combination of offensive coordinator/head coach in waiting position. I'd prefer to wait on an official announcement but you don't want to wait. Therefore, I am listing several candidates to replace Holgorsen and some offensive numbers that correspond to them.

I first list the Oklahoma State offensive numbers run up this year by Holgorsen and his players.

Candidate, school (year), plays, total yards, yards per play, touchdowns, yards per game
Holgorsen, OSU (2010), 921, 6,451 yds, 7.0, 67 TDs, 537.58
Mike Leach, Texas Tech (2009), 988, 6,120 yds, 6.19, 64 TDs, 470.77
Kliff KIngsbury, Houston (2010), 894, 5,766 yds, 6.45, 59 TDs, 480.50
Lincoln Riley, East Carolina (2010), 907, 5,346 yds, 5.89, 60 TDs, 445.50
Justin Fuente, TCU (2010), 882, 5,898 yds, 6.69, 70 TDs, 491.50
Seth Littrell, Arizona (2010), 871, 5,342 yds, 6.13, 46 TDs, 445.17
Doug Meacham, Samford (2004), 811, 4,282 yds, 5.28, 38 TDs, 389.21

Mike Leach's numbers were taken from the 2009 season but he had many better years as Texas Tech lit up college football under his guidance. Leach is currently living in the Florida Keys and doing broadcast work. He is available if he wants to coach.

Kliff Kingsbury played quarterback for Mike Leach at Texas Tech, coached a year under Holgerson at Houston and this was his first year calling plays as co-coordinator of the offense at Houston.

Lincoln Riley was an assistant coach for Leach at Texas Tech and stepped into the Holgorsen role at Tech when Holgorsen left for Houston. Riley, a very smart wide receiver for Leach, was in his first season as the OC this year at East Carolina.

Justin Fuente is out of the Leach coaching family, but played quarterback at Oklahoma and Eastern Washington. He is a wide open spread coach with an offense similar to the others. He completed his second regular season as the OC at TCU with an unbeaten season.

Seth Littrell is a former OU fullback who played under Leach in his one year as the OC at OU. Littrell coached under Leach at Tech and just completed his first season calling plays at Arizona.

Meacham was an offensive coordinator running this style of spread at Jacksonville State, Henderson State, and Samford. His numbers are from his last season at Samford and may or may not be fair to compare to the others because of the different level. Samford is an FCS program.

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