Catching Up With Barry Sanders

In the junior class and the 2012 college football recruiting class the name Barry Sanders is going to be as electric in the recruiting scoop as it is on the football field. We caught up with young Barry J. Sanders on Thursday night as he was taking a break from getting ready for his last day of final exams Friday at Heritage Hall.

"Yes, it's history and I'm excited for it, excited for them to be over with," said Sanders.

It has been a fun week at school as the Chargers are celebrating an exciting come-from-behind win in the Class 3A state championship game last Friday night at Boone Pickens Stadium.

Sanders missed most of the playoffs and the last part of the season with injuries. He was on the sidelines last Friday watching his teammates, including Sterling Shepard, as they scored four touchdowns (all by Shepard) in the second half to win the gold ball.

Shepard, by the way, became the second player in the class of 2012 at Heritage Hall to be offered a scholarship. Sanders was impressed with his teammate's perfomance and so was Oklahoma State as it offered Shepard a scholarship this week. While Shepard had the heroics, Sanders, reluctantly, had on the street clothes.

"Thank you, thank you," said Sanders when we congratulated him for winning a state championship. He did rush for 1,168 yards and 16 touchdowns on 96 carries. Pretty impressive, huh? He had a 12.2 yards per carry average too.

"I understand where me being out may even help the team and their confidence for the future. I know it was very hard for me, but gives my teammates confidence and it will be good for team chemistry and for next season."

The 5-10, 185-pound Sanders is a very mature young man and handles the ups and the downs of the sport with a level-headed personality. He is already in high demand with 13 scholarship offers that include Oklahoma State, Alabama, Auburn, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas Tech.

He had several college games throughout the fall he intended to go to and we asked him which ones he made.

"I was at the Alabama at Arkansas game and then I went to Alabama for their game with Ole Miss," said Sanders. "I did not make it up to New York for that Notre Dame-Army game. I couldn't make that. I was at OU for their Air Force game, and then I was at OSU for all but two games. I was at Bedlam. I can't remember exactly which two games but I was at most of them.

"Not much has changed (with my attitude toward recruiting)," continued Sanders. "It really won't until I start getting out on to the campuses during the spring or next semester."

Sanders said he still has to change his mindset a little to deal with recruiting.

"I do have to learn how to separate Barry Sanders, the fan of Oklahoma State, and Barry Sanders, the recruit," he said. "I need to learn how to look at other schools."

Sanders said he is still working a part-time job and will catch some hours during the holidays. He also said his injuries are healing up well and he is planning on playing baseball this spring at Heritage Hall. Playing baseball and checking out colleges.

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