Which Comes First, Players Or Coaches?

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy told reporters last Thursday in a day after the game teleconference that he would be talking soon to quarterback Brandon Weeden and wide receiver Justin Blackmon about their situations and possible decision on whether to stay for another season, in Weeden's case his senior season, or to turn pro and make themselves available for the NFL Draft.

Gundy also has the added responsibility of replacing offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen, who has left for West Virginia. As it turns out, Gundy now has another coaching vacancy to fill as running backs coach Robert Gillespie has opted to follow Holgorsen to West Virginia.

The question now becomes which comes first, the players or the coach?

Gundy hinted last Thursday it would be the players and that was proven Monday as sources tell Go Pokes that Gundy had a conversation with his quarterback Brandon Weeden in the Cowboys football offices.

The two situations obviously would have an impact on each other. If Weeden and Blackmon are back that could influence Gundy's decision on who he hires to join his coaching staff. It also makes the job attractive, so attractive that Gundy could lure a coach from any major college program or even the NFL to come and coach the offense knowing the potential rewards of a spectacular season.

On the other hand, if one or both of the players were to opt for departing to the NFL that to would impact Gundy's decision. The new coordinator would be working with some younger players and the desire to have coaches with a commitment to stay for a longer duration and bring the offensive to fruition would be more important.

Either way, yes the two situations do impact each other. But one has to come first and I think Gundy has made the right choice to work with the players and come to a conclusion there. In fact, players really should always come first.

It will be welcomed to hear the conclusion as to what Weeden and Blackmon decide.

I can see each of the players going either way with their decision. However, there is no doubt that Weeden would enhance his NFL prospects by going through another season as a starting quarterback at the Division I level.

Blackmon just had a fantastic season, one of the best ever for a wide receiver, but he could help himself by maturing physically and mentally. My guess is we will know fairly soon on what the dynamic duo decides.

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