Isaac McCoy Talks To Brewer; Solid With OSU

Associated Press All-Super Team wide receiver Isaac McCoy of Alma, Ark., said he understands about Oklahoma State wide receivers coach Gunter Brewer, who was his recruiting coach, moving on to Mississippi. In fact, McCoy said they talked about it Wednesday night.

"He called me just a little while ago," said McCoy on Wednesday evening. "I was really kind of speechless, but I understand his reasoning. He has to do what is best for him."

McCoy said Brewer told him that his decision to go to Mississippi should not impact McCoy's decision to attend Oklahoma State, and McCoy said it hasn't.

"I'm sold and I'm solid with Oklahoma State," added the 6-0, 170-pound speedster, who was back in double digits again in leading Alma over Huntsville in a basketball game Tuesday night that the Airedales won by 16 points.

A big part of McCoy being solid on the Cowboys was his visit this past weekend. His official visit to Stillwater was something that McCoy was not speechless about.

"It was wonderful. It was exciting," he said of the weekend. "I was so impressed with how generous and how nice the coaching staff was, the players, the students on campus, the students that I met. It's hard to say, but they made me feel comfortable. My host was Justin Blackmon. Yeah, that was pretty cool. He is really a regular guy."

Not bad, drawing Blackmon as a player host. McCoy said he's solid, very solid.

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