Gundy Gives Timeline For Hiring OC

With the monsterous snow storm dominating the scene in Stillwater and with Oklahoma State University closed Tuesday, Cowboys head football coach Mike Gundy and his staff are working to make sure signing day goes as smoothly as possible Wednesday. Roughly 10 of the Cowboys' committed players were out of school Tuesday either because of the snow in Oklahoma or the ice storm in North Texas.

After that and touching base with all of the important parties like the commitments and their high school coaches, Gundy and his staff are spending some time with their families.

Speaking earlier in the day, Gundy told Bill Haisten of the Tulsa World his time line for hiring an offensive coordinator and finishing out his offensive coaching staff.

Gundy said the last two weeks have been dominated with recruiting as he has been all over the place from Hidalgo, Texas (to see Alex Villarreal) to Atlanta, Georgia (to visit with Demarcus Sherod) in sewing up a very strong recruiting class.

"I wanted to get recruiting finished up and focused on that," said Gundy.

He also said he plans to spend some quality time with his family following signing day and then on Monday will tackle the offensive coordinator and other staff position.

"I want to focus on that and then try to have something done in the next 10 days," said Gundy of his time line.

Gundy has been examining candidates with the idea of narrowing the list in a short period of time and moving forward with the staff toward spring football.

As we had surmised earlier in some of our stories, Gundy is bothered by seeing coaching staffs in college football turned upside down during preparations for bowl games and during recruiting by coaches being hired by other college head coaches. He did not have a direct comment to us Tuesday but has discussed that in the past.

Gundy has also said the offense will stay the same or extremely close to what it was last season and that means a new coach coming in will have to adhere to that philosophy.

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