Irokansi's Enthusiasm Is Infectious

Talk about watching a young man play with passion and enthusiasm, defensive end Victor Irokansi of Pflugerville (Hendrickson), Texas gets after it. It's easy to tell from watching his video highlights that he loves football and in talking to the energetic young man he admits it. His tape shows a player equally as adept at pursuing and stopping the run and rushing the quarterback.

"I just enjoy playing football and I enjoy hitting people," said Irokansi. "You know most of the time in our defense we are trying to set up the linebackers to make plays, a lot of read and react. When they let us go to make plays it really fires you up and I just go crazy."

A good student, Irokansi is 6-3, 220 pounds and runs a 4.8. He is strong with a nearly 400-pound bench press. He is popular with a lot of schools.

"I've been to OU and Texas A&M for their Junior Days, and Oklahoma State wants me to come up to their Junior Day this weekend, and Texas Tech wants me to come on the (February) 26th," said Irokansi.

"North Texas wants me to come next weekend and I talked to a coach from TCU that wants me at their next Junior Day. Kansas State told me they are having an elite Junior Day and then another one and they want me to be at one of those. Then I get invitations in the mail without talking to coaches. LSU is one of those and then also Georgia. It is hard to make all of them, so I'm just trying to get to the ones I can."

A good student, Irokanis said he would like to major in criminal justice or pre-law. Academics is part of what he is looking for in a school. He is like many talented football players in eyeing a school which has good support, good facilities, positive coaches, and a place where you have a chance to be really successful.

Irokansi said he grew up following Texas since the Longhorns are so close, but he is not stuck on Texas or any other school even based on georgraphy.

"If I visit a school and I like it, even if it not in Texas or close by, that is not going to keep me from going there," said the talented defensive end.

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