Belcher Waiting For Spring Football

Standout offensive tackle prospect Blake Belcher of Guthrie, Okla., has been a busy guy this spring. He has been to both Oklahoma State and Oklahoma multiple times including attending the OSU-Texas A&M basketball game this weekend. He has also been to Kansas and Missouri and said he will attend an event for juniors at Texas Tech on March 26.

"I was at both Oklahoma State junior days. Actually I went to the first one and then last night I just went to the basketball game at eight o'clock," explained the 6-4, 278-pound Belcher.

"My coaches, Coach (Rafe) Watkins (head coach) and my defensive coordinator Coach (Kelly) Beeby both, said I lost five, six, or seven early offers by breaking my foot," said Belcher.

"I broke my foot week nine playing basketball and I came down on my foot wrong. Coach Watkins was not real happy as that happened just before the playoffs. There is a rule now on the team, no pick up basketball at all. it's a good rule."

Belcher further explained that Oklahoma State, Kansas, Missouri, and Tulsa have all said they would offer him a scholarship if he came back and performed like he has in the past during spring football.

"I'm really looking forward to spring football," said Belcher.

Belcher, who is widely considered one of the top two, if not the best offensive line prospect in the 2012 class, talked about his early stops on the recruiting trail.

"Oklahoma State has great facilities, everything is state-of-the-art including the tables and chairs in the eating areas. They are the best facilities that I've ever seen in my life," described Belcher.

"At Oklahoma it is not about facilities, they are good, but it is about their tradition and you feel that as soon as you walk into the Barry Switzer Center.

"At Kansas, the facilities aren't as good as Oklahoma or Oklahoma State but they are nice," continued Belcher. "They are not just recruiting the best players like they said they did when Coach (Mark) Mangino was there. I talked to Coach (Turner) Gill and he said they are recruiting character first.

"Missouri has really good facilities, but they share them with baseball and softball. But they are building a new weight room for football only that is going to be really nice," added Blecher. "Plus, I love the rule they have where freshmen room with freshmen and they go to class together, they do everything together. Columbia is a really cool town. The whole town is cool."

Belcher said he is also hearing from Tulsa and really likes new coach Bill Blankenship.

"I moved from Union and I was there until ninth grade, so I grew up watching Coach Blankenship coach teams and I went to all of his camps and I think he knows me," said Blecher.

It could be real interesting in Guthrie for spring football in May because there should be a real crowd watching Belcher and the Blue Jays.

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