Cowboys Work Out For NFL Scouts

STILLWATER – It took about 40 minutes for scouts representing 18 NFL teams to get everything they needed from the 15 former Oklahoma State Cowboys working out Wednesday on Pro Timing Day with the goal of making it to the next level and the National Football League.

Inside, primarily players that did not attend the NFL Combine showed their height, weight, vertical jump, broad jump, and bench press skills and then it was outside on the turf of Boone Pickens Stadium. When the 40-yard sprints began at 11 a.m. the temperature was 40 degrees with a wind chill of 32 degrees.

Kendall Hunter, who was hoping to improve his forty from the Combine said he was ready to deal with the chilly conditions.

"It's Stillwater and I knew there was a chance and I figured there was going to be some wind either way we go, so I was prepared for it," said Hunter, who measured 5-7.4 inches tall and 200 pounds.

"They want to see me out there in the running back drills and that kind of surprised me but I went out and did it anyway," added Hunter.

For the record scout had Hunter at a variety of times in his two opportunities to run. He had run a 4.53 at the Combine in Indianapolis and Wednesday his times ranged from 4.49 on one watch to 4.58. One scout had Kendall Hunter at 4.52 timed with the wind and 4.58 going against.

"I feel like I ran pretty well," said Hunter.

Orie Lemon was also looking to improve his time dramatically after admitting that he had injured a hamstring just before the Combine. He did from the reports we got as we had clockings of 4.76 and 4.87 from scout's watches, and while one is much better both are an improvement over the 4.99 in Indianapolis.

"At the Combine that was my first time back running since I hurt the hamstring," said Lemon, who added that he had not told anybody about his injury. "It flared back up on me so I came back here and got into rehab and I tried to do better today than I did at the Combine."

Hunter and Lemon, two players used to pressure, both admitted that the pressure in these workouts is tremendous and both said they felt better wokring out here at Pro Day because they were at home and felt more comfortable.

Other Cowboys that attended the Combine but did work out in varying degrees were Andrew McGee, who becuase of a hamstring injury did not run at the Combine. But the All-Big 12 cornerback ran a 4.77 on Wednesday, according to the watch we consulted.

Scouts either share or keep very secret their forty times. Ugo Chinasa appeared to have another impressive workout with 4.76 and 4.78 in the forty.

Kicker Dan Bailey was just measured and kicked for the scouts, punted to Hunter and Bo Bowling for returns, kicked off both with and against the wind, and kicked field goals including nailing a 55-yarder.

Highlights on the day included Shane Jarka, who because of his knee injury did not jump or run, did bench press and put the 225 pounds up an impressive 34 times, which would have been in the running for the top three for defensive linemen at the Combine.

"The number I was going for was 35, so I was a little disappointed," said Jarka of his 34 reps on the bench. "Like you said, if I came in here and just did one thing then I was going to do it the best that I could and I came pretty close to my goal. The scouts seemed to like my bench and several came up and asked about my knee. I really don't have a true feel for it, but I think what I did do today was good."

Other players that did not attend the Combine that showed up really well were wide receiver Bo Bowling, fullback and special teams performer Bryant Ward, and defensive tackle Chris Donaldson, who ran well (5.14) and had a 27-inch vertical. Lucien Antoine, who last played in 2009, also worked out and he had the best broad jump at 10 feet even. He also bench pressed the 225 pounds 24 times.

Later we will post capsules with information we have on all the players that worked out for the scouts.

The team represented included Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccanneers, and Tennessee Titans.

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