OSU Pro Day Capsules, Summaries

Here is all the information we were able to gather from the Pro Day at Boone Pickens Stadium today. Some information was readily available, but the scouts were fairly guarded with their forty times. Some watches are truly better and more reliable than others.

Dan Bailey, Kicker/Punter
Height: 6-0
Weight: 192
Vertical: NA
Broad Jump: NA
Bench Press: NA
40 Time: NA
Observations: Bailey did not test as he did what he needed in the physical testing area at the Combine. He also kicked at the Combine, but got back out there and did it Wednesday in windy conditions as he kicked off into and with the wind. He does have the homefield advantage having kicked a whole bunch in Boone Pickens Stadium. He finished his workout with an impressive run of field goals including a 55-yard make.
Get This: Funny thing, Bailey has been living in Cincinnati since the Alamo Bowl getting ready for a late spring wedding to his fiance, who is from Cincinnati. The Bengals need a kicker but they did not have a scout in Stillwater.

Bo Bowling, Receiver
Height: 5-9
Weight: 192
Vertical: 35.5
Broad Jump: 9'7"
Bench Press: 16
40 Time: 4.45 and 4.52
Observations: Bowling looked really good in virtually everything he did including a pro agility drill, and ran the L-shaped drill with the cones in 7.05 seconds. Bowling caught the ball well and was even called back to return field some punts for the scouts. It was easy to tell that he has been doing some serious work in preparation for this day.
Get This: Bowling played last season at 185 pounds, but had added some seven solid pounds of muscle for Pro Day.

Ugo Chinasa, Defensive End
Height: 6-5
Weight: 263
Vertical: NA
Broad Jump: NA
Bench Press: NA
40 Time: 4.76 and 4.78
Observations: Chinasa had a really solid physical workout at the Combine, and I was surprised to see him running the forty again. But he was again solid and he also looked really good in doing defensive line drills again as the pro scouts asked him to do the work.
Get This: Chinasa was, no surprise, tops in wingspan with an 86-inch wingspan.

Chris Donaldson, Defensive Tackle
Height: 6-1
Weight: 297
Vertical: 27.0
Broad Jump: 8' 5"
Bench Press: 20
40 Time: 5.14 and 5.16
Observations: Donaldson looked very solid and he was good on the jumps for a nearly 300-pound athlete. He did well on drills and Donaldson has an engaging personality that plays well in the interview portion of the tryout.
Get This: Donaldson was disappointed with his time claiming he is a 4.9 and change guy.

Justin Gent, Linebacker
Height: 6-0.1
Weight: 225
Vertical: 30.5
Broad Jump: 9'1"
Bench Press: 18
40 Time: 4.7
Observations: Gent is a really good athlete and considering the conditions he showed the scouts that. He slipped a few times in drills, but he went in more than his share and also showed strong in endurance. He could use an extra inch or two in height and that would help him a lot.
Get This: Gent was really impressive on the vertical.

Darius Hart, Defensive End
Height: 6-4.6
Weight: 255
Vertical: 31.0
Broad Jump: 9'11"
Bench Press: 19
40 Time: Did not get one
Observations: Never got a 40 time from the scouts but Hart is big and athletic. His broad jump was something to see. He also looked good on the defensive linemen skill drills. The guy packs a whollup in his rip.
Get This: Hart is another one that could get late draft attention and will almost surely earn a free agent opportunity.

Kendall Hunter, Running Back
Height: 5-7.4
Weight: 200
Vertical: NA
Broad Jump: NA
Bench Press: NA
40 Time: 4.49, 4.52, 4.53, 4.54, 4.58
Observations: This was all about the forty time for Hunter, who was, if nothing else, consistent. Hunter also partipated in the running back drills again and showed those great quick feet and almost came out of his shoes on one cut when former NFL star Alonzo Highsmith was conducting the drill. Hunter also caught passes and fielded punts and kickoffs.
Get This: Inside, while waiting on the jumps and bench press, Hunter spent a lot of time talking to one scout from the Atlanta Falcons.

Shane Jarka, Defensive Tackle
Height: 6-3
Weight: 302
Vertical: NA
Broad Jump: NA
Bench Press: 34
40 Time: NA
Observations: The only thing Jarka did besides get measured was the bench press and he did it well by throwing it up 34 times, which would have placed him high at the NFL Combine. Jarka has issues with his knee and foot. He might need a season to get the needed medical attention and get fixed up, but with his strength combined with his work ethic, he could end up being a contributor.
Get This: One scout told me the bench press alone will put him in discussion for a free agent contract with some teams, especially those in need of defensive tackles. Yes, the NFL has a shortage of those players too.

Orie Lemon, Inside Linebacker
Height: 6-0.6
Weight: 243
Vertical: 31.0
Broad Jump: 9'5"
Bench Press: NA
40 Time: 4.76 and 4.87
Observations: Lemon did something he needed to do and that was significantly improve his 40. He said he did not tell anybody at the Combine about his hamstring injury and he sure should have. He is known for being a solid and sure tackler and further proved that leading the West in tackles in the East-West Shrine Game.
Get This: With no senior QB, althought Brandon Weeden was out there and was itching to do it, Lemon threw for Bowling and Hunter on the throwing drills. The scouts were impressed as we're we all. "Hey, I'm an athlete and a former quarterback and I haven't lost it," said Lemon.

Mathies Long, Defensive Back
Height: 6-0.5
Weight: 215
Vertical: 32.5
Broad Jump: 9'10"
Bench Press: 20
40 Time: Never got a time
Observations: He worked out well and needs to sell himself as a special teams player which is mostly what he was at OSU. He was a little stiff but did fine on the defensive back drills and was good going to the ball.
Get This: He played very little on defense, but could get into a camp.

Andrew McGee, Cornerback
Height: 5-11
Weight: 193
Vertical: NA
Broad Jump: NA
Bench Press: NA
40 Time: 4.77
Observations: You just feel for McGee, who was stellar last season at Oklahoma State in leading the Big 12 in interceptions and stayed on the field and kept going despite injury after injury. The NFL should have no doubt about his toughness. He ran the 40 on Wednesday that he skipped at the Combine because of a hamstring injury in training, and he ran slower than he is capable at 4.77. He proceeded to do all of his position drills and he was fighting the hamstring and toughed it out. I wish I had an NFL team because I would sign him and anybody like him. Surely he will get drafted late.
Get This: McGee talked about the pressure of this workout and the Combine but said, as you would expect, that the interviews with coaches and GM's at the Combine were a strong suit for him. This kid is tremendous. Very high character!

Anthony Morgan, Offensive Guard
Height: 6-3
Weight: 321
Vertical: 22.5
Broad Jump: 7'10"
Bench Press: 22
40 Time: 5.38
Observations: He had a solid workout and would have to play center or guard in the NFL. It will take a strong job by his agent to get him into a camp, but I could see it.

Jordan Taormina, Offensive Tackle
Height: 6-6.4
Weight: 330
Vertical: 24.5
Broad Jump: 7'9"
Bench Press: 17
40 Time: 5.65
Observations: This will be tough. Taormina did not test out as well. He really needed to be higher on the bench press and, obviously, lower on the forty.

Bryant Ward, Fullback/Special Teams
Height: 5-10.4
Weight: 241
Vertical: 32.0
Broad Jump: 9'4"
Bench Press: 21
40 Time: 4.82 and 4.86
Observations: Ward said he knows he is not fast, but he makes up for it with effort. His workout was solid, but he will need a staff of scouts and personel people that rely heavily on tape and have some imagination for what a guy can turn into.
Get This: Retold the story of being named All-Big 12 and having to be convinced of the honor. He still acts like he doesn't believe it and he was two-time All Big 12.

Lucien Antoine, Defensive Back
Height: 6-0.2
Weight: 210
Vertical: 32.0
Broad Jump: 10.0
Bench Press: 24
40 Time: 4.75
Observations: Like a lot of guys, Antoine, two years removed, would love to have had a better forty and on some watches he might have. Athletically, he was impressive. He is high in the character department too. He also looked as good as anybody in the drills.
Get This: Antoine had the knee injury still nagging last year and feels much better this time around. He just needs to get into a camp.

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