Cowboys Pick Up Big Commit

Tim Hines made an April Fool's Day trip to Oklahoma State last Friday. But the 6-5, 305-pound offensive lineman from Bryan, Texas was all business when he phoned Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy on Monday to say that he was committing to Oklahoma State. visited Tuesday with Bryan High School head football coach Bob Bellard about OSU's latest commitment.

Hines confirmed via a text on Tuesday that he committed to Oklahoma State after making last week's trip to Stillwater to watch the Cowboys practice.

"He had a great visit and felt really at home there. He was awfully excited when he came back (from Stillwater)," said Bellard.

Bellard said that Hines is a legitimate 305 pounds, and is one of the most athletic linemen he's had the chance to coach.

"Athletic-ability wise, he's got a huge frame and he moves very well. He's 305 pounds and he ran a hand-timed 4.9 forty twice in a row," said the Bryan High School head coach.

"He's a big, agile athletic guy that's getting stronger all the time, and I think that's the key thing for him. He's got good strength but he's just going to continue to get stronger. When you're 305 pounds, you'd better be strong and be able to move your body around. He's an athletic kid," said Bellard.

Hines also has offers from Houston, Baylor and Louisiana Tech, but Bellard said his recruitment was preparing to explode. "I would imagine that once we start spring (practice) he's going to get a long line of people that would offer him. Lot of people interested in him a year ago, but they just hadn't made the offer yet. I think it's going to be a pretty much a universal thing once they see him this spring."

The Bryan Vikings head coach is looking forward to what Hines has in store for his senior season.

"As the year went along last year I thought he became better technique-wise. As an offensive lineman, he's got a year in front of him to get better, and I think he will. When he does, he could be devastating," he said.

"We run a dart play in which the tackle pulls, and he's able to pick up and go, latch onto a linebacker or somebody like that, and those things he does extremely well. He's got a lot of work to do in pass protection, but he's got the body, the arm length and the feet to be good at it. He's able to operate in space which isn't easy for a guy 300 pounds. I think his upside is really high," said Bellard.

Hines will be the Vikings anchor at left tackle again in 2011, but he's capable of helping at a number of other positions, Bellard said.

"I think he's certainly capable of playing guard or tackle or center. I'm not real certain he couldn't be a defensive lineman. That's kind of where the need was last year (for us), so we put him at left tackle. He's a heck of an offensive lineman but he would be a good defensive player as well.

"We always say our good players have to play great, and our great players have to play great every play. That's kind of the situation with him. He's just not going to have to be good most of the time but he's going to have to be good all the time," said Bellard.

"I thought last year he was a good player that would play great, and now he's got to take that next step where he's going to be a great player every play. That's what we're going to push for him to do. If he does that then we'll find a way to run pretty close to him or wherever he's heading a lot this next season."

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