Orange-White: Projected Lineups and Matchups

The Oklahoma State coaching staff spent Thursday morning splitting up the squad for Saturday's Orange-White spring game and then it went to head coach Mike Gundy's office for final approval. We have compiled the projected starting lineups for both teams and then below that some notes on what we think in regards to some of the matchups.

QB: 3 Brandon Weeden
RB: 1 Joseph Randle
FB: 30 David Paulsen
WR: 84 Hubert Anyiam
WR: 83 Colton Chelf
IR: 87 Tracy Moore
IR: 17 Charlie Moore
RT: 71 Parker Graham
RG: 75 Nick Martinez
C: 74 Grant Garner
LG: 70 Jonathan Rush
LT: 61 Michael Bowie

DE: 50 Jamie Blatnick
DT: 94 Anthony Rogers
DT: 89 Nigel Nicholas
DE: 80 Cooper Bassett
Star LB: 11 Shaun Lewis
MLB: 40 Tyler Johnson
WLB: 33 LeRon Furr or 32 Kris Catlin
CB: 18 Devin Hedgepeth
CB: 20 Larry Stephens
SS: 28 Deion Imade
FS: 12 Johnny Thomas

PK: 90 Bobby Stonebraker
P: 59 Michael Reichenstein
LS: 56 Connor Sinko
Holder: ???
Returns: 12 Johnny Thomas

QB: 10 Clint Chelf
RB: 31 Jeremy Smith
FB: 14 Justin Horton
WR: 81 Justin Blackmon
WR: 82 Isaiah Anderson
IR: 25 Josh Cooper
IR: 14 Justin Horton
RT: 58 Daniel Koenig
RG: 68 Lane Taylor
C: 54 Jake Jenkins
LG: 51 Brandon Webb
LT: 73 Levy Adcock

DE: 98 Davidell Collins
DT: 72 Christian Littlehead
DT: 60 Daniel Cooley
DE: 99 Richetti Jones
Star LB: 22 James Thomas
MLB: 45 Caleb Lavey
WLB: 29 Joe Mitchell
CB: 4 Justin Gilbert
CB: 19 Brodrick Brown
SS: 23 Zack Craig
FS: 8 Daytawion Lowe

PK: 13 Quinn Sharp
P: 13 Quinn Sharp
LS: 53 Andrew Suter
Holder: 11 Wes Harlan
Returns: 4 Justin Gilbert or 25 Josh Cooper

Thoughts on Orange-White Matchups
There is no way to get around it –– quarterback is the biggest difference on the field as the offensive lines are very even. In the skill positions, other than quarterback, I would give the White a slight edge, after all they do have the Biletnikoff Award winner in Justin Blackmon and Josh Cooper at the inside receiver too.

Jeremy Smith has had a great spring running the football, and splitting running backs is like splitting hairs. Smith is maybe the better pure runner and Joseph Randle better on the perimeter as a pass receiver, but both can do both.

Hubert Anyian, Colton Chelf, Tracy Moore, Charlie Moore, and Kevin Johnson are still good targets for Brandon Weeden. A good question is how long will Weeden play? A bonus is Weeden has his center in Grant Garner and offensive coordinator Todd Monken has the Orange team.

If you are looking for a defensive answer to the Orange having Weeden, look no further than the corners as Lott Award Watch list selection Brodrick Brown and the speedy and ever improving Justin Gilbert man the corners for the White. The White also has a solid front seven on defense.

The Orange may want to finish drives as valuable kicker/punter weapon Quinn Sharp is on the White, and a big question would be holder. Wes Harlan is on the White too. Who holds for the Orange is a mystery unless they just bring Harlan over to do that.

Saturday's spring game really comes down to five things:
1. How long does Weeden play?
2. How well does Chelf play?
3. How well does the White run the football and can they control the game?
4. How big an influence does Sharp play with field goals and field position on kickoffs and punts?
5. Which defense forces more turnovers?

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