Jamari Traylor Impressed With OSU

Jamari Traylor, a 6-8, 217-pound forward from the IMG Basketball Academy in Florida, made an official visit to Oklahoma State this weekend. He experienced a little bit of everything at OSU, including eating breakfast at Karsten Creek Golf Club. GoPokes.com caught up with the former Chicago high school standout on Sunday to find out about his visit to Stillwater.

How was the visit to Oklahoma State?
Traylor: It went well. I got to see all the guys and got a good feel for them.

Which player was your host?
Traylor: Darrell (Williams) was my main host. What's the other big guy's name? (Jarred) Shaw. He was the other one.

What was your impression of Oklahoma State?
Traylor: It was nice. I enjoyed hanging around with the guys and I enjoyed sitting with the coaches and talking about how they would use me in the future if I decided to go there. It was a good experience for me. I really liked the campus.

How did the coaches say they would like to use you?
Traylor: They really want me to be me, as I am now. They want me to play like I do now – a good rebounder, finish at the rim, and bring energy to the team.

One of the things you said before you made the trip was that you wanted to find out how you fit in with OSU's players. Did you do that?
Traylor: I really, really jelled with those guys, especially those guys (Williams and Shaw). I really liked those guys. They really seem like they can be brother figures. I really liked them a lot. They're cool dudes.

There were reports of you being out at Karsten Creek Golf Club. What were you doing out there?
Traylor: I was but I didn't do any golfing. We were just out there with the whole coaching staff eating breakfast.

Did you make any decisions while at Oklahoma State?
Traylor: I'm not going to commit right now, but I really cared for it and really enjoyed it.

What's the next step in the recruiting process? Do you have any more visits planned?
Traylor: I haven't scheduled any but I know the schools I'm going to visit. I'll probably go visit somewhere this weekend.

Where could you possibly visit this weekend?
Traylor: Probably Kansas or Indiana.

On a scale of 1-to-10, where would you rank the visit to Oklahoma State?
Traylor: It was a 10. I had a really good time.

What did you think after seeing them in person?
Traylor: Aw man, it was amazing. I've never seen anything like it. I was blown away. It was so nice.

I'm sure the coaching staff had shown you and your mother photos of the locker room when they made the in-home visit. Were you surprised when you saw it in person?
Traylor: It's better in person than it would be on the computer or on paper. Being there and seeing it in person just blew me away.

Could you see yourself playing for Oklahoma State in the future?
Traylor: Yeah, I could see myself in a jersey.

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