OSU Football: Recruiting Events Of the Week

Judging from questions being asked and comments being made by Cowboys fans, there is some concern over seeing some of the players Oklahoma State has reportedly offered commit to other schools and offers to other players not being reported seemingly to replace those. I will try to explain.

By the way, with seven commitments Mike Gundy and his staff are on a similar pace in recruiting as last year, a year in which they seemed to move more rapidly and aggressive with scholarship offers as they had more scholarships to give.

Also, while many know me as not being a huge fan of stars and ratings, those seven commitments that are known include five that have four-star ratings, and with at least other player (Tim Hines) already jumping from no stars to three in a couple of weeks.

I prefer to evaluate a player in the following ways: great, really good, good, average, and below, and then find out for sure when they get on campus and put on pads.

Oklahoma State has almost completely filled up on what they wanted to recruit on defense. They have two wide receivers and an offensive lineman to build on the offense. Yes, one more wide receiver, a quarterback, and possibly a running back still need to be recruited.

This week the Cowboys lost out on two players they had offered early.

Zeke Pike's father was a college teammate of Oklahoma State co-defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer. The standout quarterback from Kentucky had been to camp at OSU last summer and the Cowboys were among the first to offer. He had said he was going to come back for camp at OSU this summer before announcing, but his trip to Auburn and its recruiting effort obviosuly bumped that time table up. I hate to say it but I really don't think OSU had much of a chance with Pike.

They had even less of a chance with standout running back Jonathan Gray, who literally never gave Oklahoma State the time of day in recruiting. The Cowboys offered early but never got a mention. They shouldn't feel too bad as the Aledo, Texas record-setter with more than 3,200 yards and 59 touchdowns committed on Friday to Texas. That should get Texas back on the map running the football as I think he is a legit superstar.

Okay, why no offers to replace those and why have the offers slowed down in the last month? Simple, Oklahoma State offered the players (for 2012) it liked coming off the road from the 2011 recruiting season. They added some offers from the junior days and video evaluation before spring practice.

Now that you can go out on the road again it makes all the sense in the world to see players before offering. Are they as big as you were led to believe? Are they as athletic as they looked on video? How about their academics and actions off the field? You can now find these things out.

As Todd Monken told me, he doesn't want any more quarterbacks offered until he personally sees them throw. That makes sense. It is a similar process with the rest of the class as Joe Wickline wants to see all of the offensive linemen that are offered, and the last wide receiver in the class has to be a big, post it up, athletic wide receiver.

Now there are a few offers out there, and I think you can expect those to grow week to week through the evaluation period and by a bunch over the summer and into the camp period.

I would say one key prospect right now would be Barry J. Sanders. The record-setting Oklahoma high school running back out of Heritage Hall is the son of Oklahoma State Heisman Trophy winner and Pro and College Football Hall of Famer Barry Sanders.

He has long been an Oklahoma State fan and the expectation of many is that he would be the flagship recruit in the 2012 class. It will be interesting to see what Sanders does as he has long hinted that he would be a late announcing recruit.

I would warn not to stall out because the next two months, while not providing daily action, will go a long way toward revealing the remainder of the 2012 recruiting class.

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