Jhaustin Thomas Has A Busy Week

How valuable is a sack-delivering, 6-5, 245-pound defensive end that can really get off the ball and strike fear in a quarterback? He is pretty valuable and this is the second school attendance update we have done during the Division I spring evaluation period on Jhaustin Thomas of Decatur (Columbia), Ga.

It is easy to see why schools have fallen in love with Thomas and his 13 sacks delivered in his junior season. He is the combination of size, speed, strength, and athleticism at the defensive end position.

Before the evaluation period, he had scholarship offers from Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma State, South Carolina, South Florida, and Virginia. There are many more now and while some of those schools, including Alabama, Florida, and Oklahoma State, were there to see him the first week of the evaluation period, this week may have set a record.

Thomas sent a text on Friday to let us know the roll call for this week (May 9-May 13): Lehigh, Florida International, Auburn, Richmond, Memphis, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Ohio, Ohio State, West Georgia, Tennessee Tech, Middle Tennessee State, Michigan State, Delaware, North Carolina State, Mississippi, Cincinnati, and Clemson.

Thomas said there were others that came through that he couldn't remember.

How would you like to be this guy's mail carrier?

Thomas said he continues to be wide open and is looking for a few schools to check out over the summer before maybe getting more serious about making a college choice late in the summer or early in the fall of his senior season.

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